User Reviews For: The Freeloader and the Lovesick Puppy's (Censored) Affair [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
So good!! Art is gorgeous!! Details are amazing. The tops are seriously hot!!! The 1st story is really good, the uke's backstory is sad, sob!!! The 2nd story is lighter. And the 3rd is cute, again the uke has a sob backstory. But all couples are extremely adorable. Good storyline and pacing. Definitely worth the $$$!
GregorIAN Rating
First one - sad backstory never addressed. My brain freaked a bit - but yaoi has a way of touching on 'horrible things happened to uke who never gets the chance to realize / think it isn't "normal""Second one - slightly manipulative but adorable in that they both has some fantasies about each other. Top was pushy, but overall, I think it might've been my favorite. (but it was short!)Third one - just 'ahhh'. Sad and just - so uncertain. (not in the 'sad ending' sort of way but in the 'man, these two people have issues, and they might in the future be okay but I'm not entirely certain that's the case'") I don't know. All in all - nice art, disturbing backstories for 2:3 bottoms. Disturbing manipulative / lack of communication / outright lying (esp. first top) on the tops' parts.
funbrillo Rating
This really is a good collection of stories. I am glad the first reviewer posted because it encouraged me to try it out. Two ukes have sad backstories but it doesn't bring the feeling of the story down and make you sad. Overall sweet and loving couples. I say loving but they are kind of aggressive tops and not puppy dog tops but you feel they love the ukes. Because there are three couples in this book the last two couples stories are pretty much one chapter each. Worth the read.
Lulu1112 Rating
The art is very nice. There was one aspect of the 1st couple's story that made me uncomfortable and it wasn't due to the couple itself, but the uke's disturbing backstory...The 2nd couple's story was alright, super smutty, really enjoyed the voice fetish aspect, but Mozu's aesthetic is just my type to the t. I think I enjoyed the 3rd story the most even though I had some problems with it - i related to the seme and the uke was really adorable and sweet.
Chiaki Rating
Great plot and art
ritachi Rating
Thin plot, awful and contrived characters. The smut is there but not much else. Read if you want smut; can't promise you you'll get anything else out of it.
urara Rating
Very entertaining! It's refreshing and I really like the twist of the freeloader character. Oh and the H-scenes are suuuuper sexy and hot!!! Highly recommended!
Paradise134 Rating
Worth every penny!! The characters' background gave the story some unexpected turns and I loved every page of it!
HZbelleo Rating
Honestly it's cute as hell
Reddbone561 Rating
I really enjoyed these stories of finding love/ when one most deserving finds love it's awesome! It was kinda cool dude falling in love with his favorite voice actor. I think I'm more Into he bottom character though.
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