User Reviews For: My Underwear Is Being Held Hostage


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korisnik Rating
The beginning was interesting, but by the end of it, the story wasn't really anything special. A solid 3 out of 5.
BlackBelle Rating
I did enjoy this. We have the bully dynamic, and threat to our poor uke's reputation. Each chapter, the Seme escalates the physical contact, and predictably, the Uke has a change of heart. While it's not an original storyline, I enjoyed the interaction between the two, and the ending was happy and cute.
kleepart Rating
I really enjoy the art style, the cuteness, the blushing, and the story isn't too bad. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish that they wouldn't go the blackmail route when it seems it will be going that way.
notanon Rating
I love blackmails so i love this
AkageCat Rating
Love it!
mieikaz Rating
A blackmail turned to love story. Since both are still in highschool, so the blackmail things are consider 'tolerable'. And also, the parts where the 'underwear being a hostage', that was so funny. 4 out of 5.
Shiichan Rating
Lovely pantie romance!
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