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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ha!! I love this already!! I love that the heroine is a dominatrix and tries to
Capitulate Rating
I kind of misunderstood the summary. I thought the MC was dominating her coworkers by being a demanding superior. I didn't realize it meant literal sexual domination. The opening scenes with the sexy megane kinda killed this one for me. I wanted to stay with him. That short bit was so hot. By the time it introduced the actual male lead I couldn't have cared less about what went on between him and the MC. There are so many stories where the heroine is overwhelmed by some seemingly mild-mannered dude who turns out to be sexually aggressive. It would be great to see more stories that flipped the script the way this started in the beginning, but with a committed relationship, not multiple random guys in the office. Anyway, I'm not into women in bondage, so this didn't really do much for me, but I'm sure a lot of Renta readers will love this, nice art and all. The characters are kind of standard.
Nanami Rating
Unlike another title on here with a similar master/slave theme (the prison one), I actually care about the relationship that these two have going, and I am seriously rooting for them to end up together.Towa is perverse and a bit of an ass, but he's very charismatic, and it feels like he actually is capable of falling in love, given the right circumstances/woman. He's not just a soulless pretty face who's only role is to dish out the sex, unlike so many other male characters in these smut comics.Minato has the perfect mix of sass and vulnerability. I love how, in spite of being the older and supposedly more experienced one, the opposite is actually true. The juxtaposition between their age difference and their experience level is amazing. Minato surrenders to Towa with such innocence and vulnerability, and it seems like Towa cherishes and is protecting this in his own perverse way. Best of all it feels like there's a real possibility of a romance that's waiting to blossom. Love it!
Tenko Rating
That was a fun read. Bondage is always a plus in my book. I liked how predatory Minato was and her face when she was dominating her coworker. The sudden role-reversal that happens with Towa was great too. I'd like to see how this progresses and how Minato will develop sexually.
CieL Rating
Ow I'm so in love with Minami & Towa's pair. Those two feels just right. Like people say first love never died (which is these 2 MC, not from Minami's young memory).Although, Ayumu's quite a hottie mature guy (quite my RL type). I hope the author will make another story about Ayumu's love. He's a nice guy~
13ella Rating
While I love it I feel like its totally NOT complete. I'm noticing alot of other stories say "complete" but don't really feel that way.
Stopmenow Rating
The series started out interesting and has continued to stay that way. Both leads are strong willed, cute, and fill you anticipation to find out what's going on with them now. I also love the fact that they have bold personalities and quirks. The author is doing a fantastic job!
bunniefufu Rating
This storyline is getting intresting from the first read. It gives you an idea and insight on S&M and stuff but the female and male MC are both intresting charcters. I'll update my review once I read chapter 2 but for now, I give it a yes. Artwork is pretty ^^
XionNote Rating
The storyline is just so cute! And I really love this Artist's work! Definitely worth your points!
BringMeTheSmut Rating
I loved this. She thought she was a sadistic dominatrix. However the yummy new office guy turns the tables on her. Very hot, great art. I love when the person who is supposed to be experienced and knows it all gets all flustered, embarrassed, caught off guard and taught a thing or two.
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