User Reviews For: Bondage, Discipline, and the Seductive Young Man


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ha!! I love this already!! I love that the heroine is a dominatrix and tries to
Tenko Rating
That was a fun read. Bondage is always a plus in my book. I liked how predatory Minato was and her face when she was dominating her coworker. The sudden role-reversal that happens with Towa was great too. I'd like to see how this progresses and how Minato will develop sexually.
bunniefufu Rating
This storyline is getting intresting from the first read. It gives you an idea and insight on S&M and stuff but the female and male MC are both intresting charcters. I'll update my review once I read chapter 2 but for now, I give it a yes. Artwork is pretty ^^
quynhanh Rating
Wow this series is so amazing. The art is beautiful and the plot is super interesting. I kinda wish she would stay as a dominatrix but it's not so bad. Highly recommend!
lemona Rating
Love the gradual character development/change that happens!
Takowa Rating
I cant wait to see more. He was so shocked at what she said
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