User Reviews For: Servant in the Boys' Dorm -I Get Dirty Commands if I'm Busted as a Girl!?-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm being generous here. Art is ok. This story is pretty generic. And the whole servant thing is kinda weird and so is the fact that the other boys at school are afraid of the resident bad boy no. 1. I'll probably skip this one in the future.
Hamsooo Rating
Its a sweet love story! I loved it...the main guy was hot and although he was suppose to be a bad guy he didn't force himself on her. I would recommend it, but it says complete so I feel it was a bit rushed ending. Overall it was a great read.
Majala Rating
Short, no plot development, no character development and... is this really "complete" after 2 short chapters?
Mari21 Rating
The plot isn't two different but the development of the story and characters is what I want to keep reading! Cant wait for the next chapter!
Bigsmilezrina Rating
It looks pretty interesting. I'm looking forward in seeing where it goes. The art isn't bad and my lord.. the mc dude is hott.
tokimekicrisis Rating
I would maybe give this lower if it weren't for the fact that main guy is so hot...<3
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