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Otometrash Rating
I haven't brought a manga quicker on this site than this manga right here. I am soooo happy this manga has been translated I been waiting and hoping for so long! I have a feeling that this one is going to be one of my favorites.The art is so beautiful (as you can tell by the cover) and the story is very cute, sweet and interesting. It's about a girl who her deceased father gave her an android to keep her company. The male android is adorable and really cares and loves the female protagonist. The female character is not your typical pushover, and I love her banter with the guy based on the first chapter. Overall, I 100% recommend this series if you want a cute love story with smut in it and with great art.
bElikewaterDC Rating
Sooooooo good!!! Completely recommend it! After buying a couple of chapters individually, i immediately bought the rest in one go!!(currently in ch.9) There's no extreme jealousy over little things, no dumb misunderstandings, no annoying female or male love rivals. This story truly focuses on the two main characters and how they come to terms with their feelings for each other. Can't wait for the next chapter! Seeing "to be continued" on the corner always makes me happy!p.s. Does anyone else get the bottom and top of the pages cut off in the reader?
artemis Rating
Riko is such a lovable character. The art is also beautiful.
Nanami Rating
It's steamy, but it also feels like I'm reading about an adult and a very young teenage boy in a sexual relationship which makes me a little uncomfortable reading this. I like how it isn't censored heavily though, you can see pretty much everything which is nice.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Akito is so cute! So curious and only able to think of Riko and all her needs. Art is really cute and nice. Kinda bizarre subject matter, a robot? But hey it's cute so just go with it. The ending of this first chapter is very promising and I'm looking forward to the next one!
andiekae Rating
Although the premise is a little cliche the art is so cute and I love that we get narration from both characters! I can't wait to see where this goes!!
whynot Rating
It was hot. But the MC is so cold and non-communicative to the guy's never ending affection. It's almost like emotional abuse, left the guy there guessing what was wrong with him. The MC didn't realize how important this guy is until she loses him. And when she gets him back, she started having doubts again :/
k1ekaa Rating
This is one of my fav smut manga so far. No, this is the BEST one at the moment! Not only the plot itself is interesting but also the story-line, the pacing, the art style, the characters' expressions and them sex scenes. Oh my
artofclair Rating
It's my favorite manga here!! I can't wait to read more of it. The art is so beautiful and characters are super interesting. There also might be a serious plot going on, I wonder what that will lead to.
yuzuru Rating
OMG! What happens next?! I need to know! Please keep updating it regularly. This is an incredible story with such an interesting plot and cute lovable characters! Definitely recommend 100%. You'll love it for sure! (To Renta workers - Please, keep up the good work! Thank you!)
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