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Firely Rating
It's very cute and different from other stories of yaoi.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!! This is so pure hearted and sweet! Yes, there's smexy times, but the overall theme of overcoming gender norms and being true to yourself and heart is so pure! I'm crying! I like gender bender tropes and this one is complex. It's about finding someone to truly and fully accept you. Aren't we all? Arts great. Storyline is interesting and has lots of cute moments. Story flow is smooth and characters are likable. Two thumbs up!!
rainbowluna Rating
I would say I like it but it says that it's yaoi and there hasn't been any which is very disappointing it's the only reason I read it.
secretobsession Rating
So while this is a cool concept.... I would've consider it yaoi really I mean..... he's a boy for one chapter, so unless this ends with him being a boy and them getting together and still being together I don't really like the concept. I would be more interesting if each chapter he was a different sex.
theakaneko Rating
Very cute - can't wait to read more!
Mnky3 Rating
Misleading that it was heavily tagged yaoi and it has almost no yaoi.
Noweverman Rating
It is beautiful manga
finnertings Rating
It's a really great story. Completely different to other yaoi stories
nickel Rating
As of this review, Chapter 6 is the latest and it might be finally moving up hill in the quality of relationship development. I was hoping the manga would handle gender expression and acceptance in a progressive way, but unfortunately it's fairly shallow. I enjoy a combination of BL and TL, so the smut is fun, but the story could use some work.
blackrabbit333 Rating
It's a cute story with nice artwork!
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