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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh the angst. The art is great and the story pacing is good too. The characters are still developing but there's a nice backstory, hopefully we get more details. After reading ch. 2 I'm wondering if this will end up a love triangle or square since Hiro has a gf? This cliffhanger though, ugh my heartstrings. It's good!!
Nyanko Rating
As of chapter 6, I'm ambivalent about this one. The art is great and there's a good story, but the relationship between the two leads feels somewhat unsettling to me. There's a strange undercurrent to the story that seems a little dark, psychologically speaking, though it's far short of some of the creepy obsession stories out there. It's a story where the characters have some secrets and lies, and some motives that might not be honest (even to themselves), and this complexity makes the story less predictable than most. The heat level isn't as high but it is balanced nicely with the story, and it gives the whole thing a level of authenticity which makes me want to keep reading.
pewpew Rating
If you like watching kdrama or jdrama, this is the manga for you. I really enjoy all the (actually kinda) grounded reality it has for a romance story. Kind of like a kdrama? That kind of grounded reality? Hehe anyways, dead serious, check it out if you find yourself really enjoying drama shows. It's gooooood.
rayezrayne86 Rating
Love it. Hope they release more chapters soon. The storyline and characters captivated me and had me asking for more!
HishamXNadzra Rating
OMG! Please Author don't ruin the story
KKoala Rating
Definitely a cute story with just the right amount of intimacy to go around ^.^
mlxiong10 Rating
I love this!! It has romance, drama, sexy scenes, love and everything in between!! Made me cry, smile, heart ache and I was sincerely rooting for the 2 leads!! A must read!!
Lyza Rating
It's a really cute story about how suppressing feelings doesn't work
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Awww! This is wonderful NTR so far, i've been reading alot but this took my interest sooo much! But, honestly i like shima for her
cohen5483 Rating
One of my favorite series so far and I look forward to it each week. The art is BEAUTIFUL and there's a lot of context setting in the form of flashbacks. There is development for all the characters that come into the scene so readers can get a holistic view of the circumstances surrounding the main couple. I also appreciate that the love scenes, when they do occur, are more realistic than most series I've read - in a way, they're a lot more romantic and actually fits with the story. It never feels forced or tacked on for the sake of fitting in the "erotic" category. As mentioned before, the pacing is pretty good, nothing ever felt too rushed or unrealistic so thank you for the attention to detail. As of chapter 8, something felt amiss with how a particular couple that parted ways - with so much development, there wasn't much resolution but I'm hoping it'll be addressed in the next chapter.
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