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Yahiko03 Rating
Oh my sweet goodness, the male MC is SUPER HOT!! I give this a 5 star because dang he is SEXY!
ReadingForTheArticles Rating
Reasons you should get this:1) consensual sex is weirdly uncommon in these types of stories, and both people are clear about wanting it here!2) tropes delightfully turned on their heads without seeming stale (the women of the village obviously appreciate her hard work and strength).3) male lead is expressive with his actions even if his face isn't. It's really sexy how he's respectful, but a bit possessive.4) female lead is 'ditzy' but oddly likeable! She is self aware, but actually hard working. More relatable than a lot of the frail ladies that often get the spotlight.5) daaammnn both people are hot!TL;DR- hawt consenting sex with banging and likeable ninjas leaves me wanting more!
Reille Rating
Liked the art and loved the fact that the sex scene was consentual. The male character is both kind and hot showing it can be done. I'll definitely check out further volumes.
Heavenzfiend Rating
One of the best manga I have ever read!!! Hits you with all the right feels!!! I've re-read this series so many times and counting down the days for next release!
Lovelyone Rating
Can't wait for next chapter! I love the hard working humble heroine and the broody cool love interest!
cohen5483 Rating
Story about a feelings of admiration potentially developing into love. The two protagonist are from pretty different worlds with regards to their status so the h can only ever admire the H from afar and satisfied to that degree until the circumstances change. The H has one of those expressionless personalities and the h is an HUGEEE airhead, to the point of being an idiot so it adds to the humor. To no surprise, she's the fallback plan. Still got lots of questions that I hope will be answered in later chapters and not just left as plot holes. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute! Cute! Cute! And hawt! The art is so pretty. The story is interesting. Love history inspired stories but with all the right tweaks. Ayame has been completely infatuated/love with Shoma the main ninja in their village and finally has the chance to prove her devotion. But a certain ninja seems intent on being the one to train her. Shoma is hawt! I hope it's just her misunderstanding of why Shoma wants to marry her and gets the HEA she deserves. Can't wait!!!
tigerdragoon Rating
Really cute and hot! It takes a lot of tropes and turns them upside down. Like, hot main guy has a fan club, and they actually congratulate the main girl for ending up with him instead of acting like a group of jealous psychos, which is what you would normally see in manga. Also love the fact that the girl MC isn't some fragile thing. Girl can actually lift boulders! She's just a very likable ditz/klutz. Also really refreshing to see consensual sex right away between the two MCs.
ebookrentapanda Rating
This is a very cute story! The female lead is quite adorable and I can't help but cheer for her as she does her best as a ninja villager. And the male - wow - where do I begin. He's the silent type but you can feel the love for the female lead boiling beneath the surface. I can't wait for the next volume!
artemis Rating
This is one of the best mangas available on this site! The story is set in a ninja village which is quite original. The main character, Ayame, is very endearing. I think it's hard not to like her and root for her as she longs to get closer to Shoma, the best ninja in her village. The love scenes are hot but there are also moments that are really heart-warming like when Ayame imagines how it would be like if her lover snuck in her room to see her in secret. I feel this is going to be one of the readers' favorites next to Over-cumming writer's block and The Artist and the Beast.
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