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fionav3 Rating
The first story wasn't bad and I liked the art, but the second story was nonsensical and boring. I wish Renta would give readers a peek at all stories in multi-story issues like this so that we don't waste points on books we don't like. This is not the first time I have bought a multi-story issue based on the first story, only to find the other stories are boring or not my thing. It makes me feel cheated,
retardedapplejuice Rating
***Contains: 1st story - consensual anal sex, noncon anal sex, beautiful smut. 2nd story - nipple play, beautiful smut, tentacles (kinda).*** FIRST STORY: The first story is the one described in the synopsis. It's serious, but not so much so it's brooding. The plot is pretty straightforward - predictable but nothing complex or distracting. The sex is beautifully drawn, and there's a generous amount of it. SECOND STORY: This one's silly, to be honest. It involves an alien studying the BL genre of manga and anime, and the childhood friends who are dragged into this extraterrestrial "research". There's not much plot to it although you can say it's lighthearted. If you can't enjoy how it contrasts the first story, you can at least take solace in some childhood-friends-turned-lovers smut.
Koukai Rating
The first story is really good and is quickly becoming one of my favorite yaoi's that I've read. The story is decent and the characters are nice. The sex scenes are absolutely amazing. Once the first story ends and the second begins though, things go downhill. The second story Space Yaoi has a fun couple but the alien featured in it just made the story almost unbearable to read. I only read through it all to see what happened. If you don't like the first chapter of it, I wouldn't recommend reading the rest. There is an extra for the main story at the end though so you can just skip to that. Even if I didn't like the second story though, I think the first story is good enough to justify buying it. Overall a fun read, just wish the second story wasn't so unbearable.
Nion Rating
The author's duality is really amazing lol.The first story is filled with plot while the second one is just straight up porn, but they're both executed well.I really love the characters in the first story and though some plot holes exist, the storyline isn't too unrealistic, which is a plus. The couple does start off as noncon, but they end up loving each other.The second story is just straight up self-indulgement. It's kind of nonsense, but it's a refreshing break after the first's suspense. Plus the dynamic between the couple is great!Also, the art is really beautiful ;)I'm only renting this now, but I'm really tempted to upgrade this to permanent buy lol
funbrillo Rating
I just finished the second volume. I have not re-read the first one but am giving this 5 stars. The second volume was all about them and shows a really nice development in their relationship as the story continues. Based on the end notes, it looks like there will be more volumes so I think this series will get better and better as the story is told. I have really enjoyed this series so far.
dinodinorawr Rating
I loved this!I enjoyed both the first and second story +///+ And I like how both couples really like each other uwu
MirjaHNSFW Rating
I really enjoyed reading both stories, regardless of how different they were. Thanks to the other reviews, I knew what to expect from the second story. The silly basic setting was fun and the cute little alien was almost like a manifestation of all yaoi fans anywhere. Actually I'm contemplating on upgrading. The main story alone is worth it, imo.
Ember Rating
I think it was nice to see more of this couple. There's the standard misunderstandings but you get to see them just be a couple in a chaotic world.
ebookrenta0ao0sfgpc Rating
Love it! The story, the drawing and the hole story is perfekt in my eyes. Love love the black eagle Manga!!
Cygnus Rating
I would give 3 stars to 1st book, only because a completely different sci-fi story was in back half of the book, which I didn't like it as much. Like other reviews said, I wish 1st book was broken down by chapters so that I would only buy Black Eagle story. 5 stars to 2nd book! Definitely worth buying since it's all about Alkil & Loki. There's just something romantic & alluring about desert setting, throw in mix race.. very exotic! Really good story, excellent smuts, & beautiful art too! I want a 3rd book of Black Eagle please!
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