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Mrsmangame123 Rating
The art is right up my alley. It's so cute and pretty. The lead MC is so cute!!! I want more of his backstory. And Haru the lead FMC is adorable, but She can't be that dense right? I think it's pretty clear they like each other, but she's not going all the way. I totally understand! Cuddling is so much better!!! This is sweet and confusing, but I wanna see where this goes.
justanotherfan123 Rating
A. ? MASTERPIECE. ?The art is beautiful, there's humor, a story, character growthS (not just for the MC's but for the side characters as well). There's also CONSENT! The only cons i can ever think for this series is 1) tearing open a condom with teeth which isn't safe practice for safe sex! 2) I want more!! The story, the characters, the art...everything's so beautiful & this might be my favorite series here! Wish the artist could read this bc I wanna let them know that I'm such a huge fan now! ?
Zeet Rating
This story is sooo sweet... Haru has some intimacy issues. She think men only wants one thing.. sex... and then she met Kazuma.. who treats her differently and is not turn off by the lack of sex.. this is such a gem! I am only up to episode 6 and can't wait to read the rest.
kyokobaby Rating
So the series is completed, and wowza. I'm just really happy with the way this turned out. Obviously I adore the main couple and I thought both characters stayed true to themselves throughout... Elena's story took a surprise turn that I honestly was not expecting, which was such a bonus. Overall, cute and sweet but with maturity and authenticity in the characters and the story.
CRUSH Rating
Burned through all my points & 100% worth every bit! I can't wait for the next volume! I showed up for the sexy & stayed for the feels! Seriously this is a beautifully honest look at what it means to have & respect boundaries, to heal past pain, & to take emotional risks. The sexual tension is realistic. This feels like a deeply personal story & at times reminded me of my husband when we were first dating. (That first date conversation literally happened for us!) There were a few scenes that had me confused at first because it wasn't clear when transitioning to dreams or who the dreamer was, but I figured it out. I have a feeling that I'll be rereading this multiple times for its emotional context. (yes I cried in places, & can't help but smile too!) I can't thank the author enough for writing it! I hope to see more of their work especially if this is the sort of depth we can expect. It definitely deserves to be a top favorite on Renta & immediately has become my personal favorite.
Flyaway Rating
The art i very unique and different. At first, I was shocked, but then I get used to it, it is very creative.the story is very unique and beautiful!Can't wait for volume 3!I like the male very much!He is my kind of guy, he waits, and even if the girl is not ready, he does not go away and search for another, no he waits and accepts her terms! He wait until she is ready!I feel this girl is a virgo like me, but only problem, I never met such guy! yet anyway!
andiekae Rating
I read this series from start to finish expecting just a cute and somewhat cliche romance. While the premise was a little silly, I really enjoyed how heartwarming and wholesome it ended up being! Some feel-good messages about healthy relationships, healing, and self-acceptance mixed with cute art and steamy scenes? Count me in! I'll definitely be rereading it!
valeria Rating
I loveeeee Kazuma. He's so sweet and sensitive. I've read many mangas on this site and this one is truly refreshing.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Yahooo! I can't resist the cuteness of the FC and the MC so much so buy it right away
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