User Reviews For: The Switch: Me And The Boss I Used To Bully -With The Touch Of My Hands Let Me Hear Your Naughty Cries...!-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yes!!! Sign me up please. I love revenge stories! Although this isn't quite a revenge story. Rinko was a little stinker growing up in the country side and she bullied this poor boy hard back in the day. But they were both KIDS!!! Lol. Anyway now she's working for him and he wants his dues. Left off on a major cliffy, so I can't wait to see how he gets even after all these years (; Arts nice and story pacing is good.
ssmiles Rating
It's a very typical and generic story, but I like pushy male lead, with a good looking face, which I dont mind spending 1.50 on
misshime104 Rating
So lovely and cute! I love these kind of story where there isn't a second guy trying to steal her away. And damn the guy is sexy!!! Want me a guy that sexy too.
votoran Rating
The story is quite generic, but the female character is really well drawn. Expressions, face, clothes, body...
toogoodtobetrue Rating
I like the stories about inexperienced girls. The male is not a jerk, that's great. But, there are still cute misunderstandings and I like it. I rate it 4 stars because this feels a bit like comedy story. Nice but feels like too fast.But overall it is good ?
swag99 Rating
I like it more when Ryu gets teased. Hihi
Smile Rating
Love it when they tease each other!!
Gypsiewitch Rating
I loved this, I only wish there was more. **sigh**
Slinky Rating
Nice touch to have the female bully the male instead. Looking forward to seeing more of this
Sittinadzra08 Rating
OMG! I Love revenge mangaaaaaa
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