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ritachi Rating
It's Akira Yoshio! Need I say more? Fluff with a tinge of smut, it's just perfect to read on days you want some wholesomeness. Four separate stories. Rent if you want fluff. Buy if you love Akira Yoshio.
frogger Rating
all of the stories were pretty cute, and the art is beautiful. my favourite was the second one
idgal Rating
Fluffy, not really smut or explicit. Cute couples
Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Three stories, two chapters each except last one, but all were very fulfilling. My fave was Eye Contact, building seme's confidence and it was endearing. All characters are lovable and too dorky-cute!
HorseObsessed Rating
?Love the artwork.? The stories were really cute. This is the second book I have read from her, I love both of them.?
SavageUnicorn Rating
I really love her works. Fantastic artwork and story.
fideliashoshanah Rating
Just a bunch of cute stories about three different cute couples! Most of them are already established relationships but there are several heart pounding confession scenes nonetheless! The nuance in the characters expressions is amazing too, so it'd be worth rereading just for art even if the stories themselves weren't this lovely!
ebilangel Rating
Multiple stories and each one of them is so damn fluffy.
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