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lightmelody23 Rating
This is non con fyi. Similar to the author's other work which had enma in it. Like what??? The story escalated so quickly over a piece of apple. It's not a one star because I like the art. Plus like the other story the female mc is actually someone interesting... but still like what?SpoilsThe dude tried to feed her an apple off the floor, she didn't drop it btw she just accidentally knocked someone else's piece out of their hand. Then proceeds to violate her cause she "disrespected" the apple. The things authors come up with these days.
baekmari Rating
I was reading a lot of the reviews and I dont think people are giving this story a chance when they should! I've actually bought the raws from the Japanese rental site and am buying these again to read the translation and no spoilers, but the plot gets good! I think the first chapters right now are a little misleading for first time readers, but I promise it's a good read! There actually is character development and more of a back story between the characters, so give it a shot :)
shiseiten Rating
This author knows what she likes and I'm here for it. Yes. If you don't like non-con then feel free to skip, but I'm invested in the characters (the mystery is already set from the first chapter) and the art is soft and really pleasing. Page 32 from vol 1?? Here for it. Looking forward to this continuing. Renta always takes a bit of time for releases but I'm hoping this one won't leave me hanging like a few of the series I've started on this site.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Not loving this one. Arts great. Lead girl is sooooo TSTL it hurts. The main gangster guy is the worst. No backstory at all, so I have no idea what his deal with apples is. I'm not sure about this one.
ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
Just read the first chapter. Usually I love non-con, but this felt a little too mean to be sexy :(
Yahiko03 Rating
Wow, Can't wait for more chapters!!
Mangakalove Rating
That's a no for me. Never should it be okay to behave the way the lead guy acts.
nonarygamed Rating
I really wanted to read this manga after seeing the artist on other sites! The plot goes fast and as others said in their reviews, there are non-con elements but I hope there are more chapters and we get more backstory on the LI!
Lenita Rating
I don't about the others, but I really loved this one! the art is just flawless! I agree that things gone way too fast, but I do believe that there is something is coming out of this, we just need to be patient.
Jjsmommy Rating
Love the art and i personally like the story. The fact that their "relationship" started all over an apple is kind of extreme but it keeps you hooked. Then when she kicked him! Not to mention the confession booth part! Definitely a must read!
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