User Reviews For: Looking up at Me Like That Is Sly! -Overthrowing the Reversed Height Difference-


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Fantasygirl14 Rating
The story is so cute and sexy. And I like their difference in height. It's something new and interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter.
peichi Rating
Finally a tall girl x short guy love manga! Highly recommended. Main couple is really cute and sex scenes are yummy and consensual.
Cressellia Rating
Love this first chapter so far! The characters feel like people with layers we have yet to see. I really liked that the MC was more upset about how her Ex called out all her insecurities than his cheating. Also love how refreshing it feels to have background characters to just make settings feel a bit more filled out! Really looking forward to the next chapter, can't wait to see how the MCs continue working together with this spicy night under their belts!
kayskats Rating
This was seriously the sweetest thing ever. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it
theakaneko Rating
Aww! This couple is so cute, and it is something so rarely seen (tall girl x short guy). The story is really fun and interesting with great pacing, and I loved seeing what unusual challenges this couple got to have. So glad I got this ? I am a little sad it is over; wish we could spend more time with them.
hempress Rating
super sweet love story and I absolutely adore both MC's!!
HishamXNadzra Rating
Hahaa wow! This is rare for me .. And i love how the story begin such a win win. Can't wait for the next chapter
spicewolf19 Rating
The artwork is amazing! I keep looking forward to the next chapter! The sensuality that exudes from both characters is hot and thrilling and the fact that there's so much chemistry between the two is incredible for not being in a set relationship yet. I'm totally fan-girling the MC's together!
ShiinaMH Rating
Where's my next chapter?!! That thrilling part!!!!
ZebraQueen Rating
I absolutely adored this. It was so cute and as a tall girl (5'10) extremely relatable. I've always wanted to be cute but being tall always felt like it got in the way. The characters and their emotions are really nicely done, they're well rounded and had no cringe factor as they developed. Such a nice read.
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