User Reviews For: An Extramarital Quartet -The Detective and the Wife-


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oynaka Rating
I'm waiting sooo long for reading this manga. Thank you for translated!!!The art-work is very good and that scene is so hot!! The main guy character is very cool. The story seem drama so I cannot wait to read the next chapter.
lovesfiction97 Rating
This was fantastic. The female lead is likable, the male lead is a hot and unexpectedly hilarious character. The sister and the husband aren't evil or anything but I still think they're complete shitheads (you want him by the FL's side? Even knowing he doesn't love her?? What is wrong with you?? Don't even get me started on the husband. The guy clearly has the respect for the female lead, what a piece of garbage).
aherr Rating
I really enjoyed this story. I found the MC very likable! I was really rooting for her! She's naive but strong-willed and kind without it seeming like people are just walking over her. I respected her a lot. Also really like the love interest. He was very kind and thoughtful toward the MC and recognized her skills. Also he's a dork, lol! I think a lot of other readers didn't enjoy the beta couple, but I thought the author did a good job of making each character sympathetic. I wasn't mad at them...just kinda sad. The art is gorgeous and the story is well done! 10/10 recommend!!
Starlightgenie Rating
I was wary of the pacing by the end of chapter 6, but the last chapter wrapped everything up nicely. I feel satisfied with the ending, although the way the husband and sister tried to coddle Mika all the way to the very end was a little annoying. Overall I recommend this series. A short, fast and sexy satisfying read.
shirutsune Rating
Plot is very interesting and it keeps making me want more every chapter I read. The hot scenes are reasonable and sexy. The art style is gorgeous and it's well worth the money.
hempress Rating
I'm a giant sucker for the gruff detective trope, and this delivers imo! the story basis is a nice twist on the infidelity narrative. our female lead is very likable - she wants everyone to be happy (even though she tries to make that happen in a strange roundabout way!) The art is cute, and the love scenes are steamy! I can't wait for the next issue <3
3msuge Rating
Omg I actually love this manga. Like Rei is an adorable lil cinnamon roll
Kanin Rating
omfg i'm really hooked about the art style!!! the story also seems really interesting and i really want to read the next chapter! afdjvbsldbwk
satearia Rating
Surprisingly wholesome. Well written characters with an interesting plot. Sexy drama that's often comedic and sweet.
MariaManoli Rating
This is one of my favourite pieces together with My Secret with the Girl next door. It's surprisingly humorous with lovable characters that have chemistry that makes their interactions believable. It left me want for more, but at the same time I was grateful that it didn't drag on with unnecessary drama. Also, it's gorgeously drawn, both MC and FC being utterly gorgeous. I have reread it several times and cash duly recommend it!
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