User Reviews For: Carnal Desire Paradox -The Guard Dog Gets Feisty At Night- [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Ren4Liz28 Rating
I wish there were more stars!! This manga was FANTASTIC!!! The seme and uke are both gorgeous and have great personalities. The story is both sweet, dramatic and sexy. Lots of smut, but not so much that the story is lost. It is just one story in there, so you get 200+ pages without interruption lol. One of the best for sure! Worth the money.
ebookrenta0tivrzvkc Rating
That was SUCH a good read! The development was smooth, there was no stupid misunderstanding or drama that needed to be solved. Any issue presented, in my humble opinion, was needed either for character/plot development. The angst was much needed and just added depth to the story. Both Hiroki and Seiji are really smart and think things out instead of causing unnecessary conflict. They have dynamic and are a challenge to each other but she n they start opening up to each other it was so heartwarming to see Seiji accept all of the Hiroki's faults. Truly a great fit for each other. Not to mention the smut was amazing. Hats off to the artist! All the drama led to such a satisfying climax too, I just wish I had more after stories featuring the two. This story was definitely worth it's price and a well written unique piece, I'm so glad I bought it!
MirjaHNSFW Rating
I liked that there was edge to the characters even though there was a lot of smut. However, the one star missing for me was because the plot could've been more elaborate and the characteristics of the guys depicted even more.That being said, it was a good read and definitely easily read within a rent period of 48 hours, even though I played it safe and purchased the comic.
dadadumm Rating
Gotta say that the story line is more interesting than I thought. Also, the plot twist is kinda surprising but still expected, however, for the BL story it's AMAZING. And both MC are really cute and HOT, the way their characters express it depths which not only about sex lol. Recommend to everyone and it worth the money though.
Seregil Rating
Plotty, lead characters that aren't complete cliches, and hot as hell. What more can you ask for? Come for the smut, stay for the story. Worth the read... heck, even worth the upgrade.
quietussleeps Rating
Super spicy and hot, I loved it!
aphrosdiax Rating
Absolutely gorgeous art with a plot that's actually pretty developed compared to the average yaoi manga you'd find on here. There's roughly 200 pages of a single cohesive story. The smut is top quality, A+ material. Highly recommended.
DWCorvid Rating
I was worried that it would be a little bit of a stuffy political drama but it didn't get too specific with all the ins and outs of the main characters occupation. Instead it ended up being an interesting character-driven story it was super spicy with a happy ending.
SarcasticIrony Rating
This is a great comic!! Developed character, complex plot, GREAT smut! I absolutely loved it! It was like reading on of the books I usually get on Kindle in comic form. 10/10 would recommend.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Wow. The story was so interesting and the smut was so good. They really make a good pair. Poor Hiroki, and I do wish that we could've seen more about Seiji's life. But otherwise it was very good and I only think that the two bonus pages were super random (though cute!).
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