User Reviews For: I May Be Your Big Brother But I Want You To Be Sweet On Me


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hweianimeme Rating
Aaaaaaaaahhh I got hooked, I want more QAQ big brother does little brother play at a cafe is already a unique plot, it's already a little smutty and the art is also good. Plus they left the first chapter with some draaaama
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is a slow burn type of story for sure. I wasn't really sure how this was gonna play out, but after five chapters it's pretty clear that both brothers are not normal annnnnd I'm for it 100%. But just when you think one character is gone, surprise!!! He's back and plays a pivotal role in both lead characters lives. Very interesting plot and art is great. It's cute, funny and surprisingly sincere for a smutty manga which just makes it 5 star worthy
Carmen Rating
Finally a BL manga that is comedic and steamy. This is well worth the points and I can't wait for future chapters.
cowynet Rating
At first, I bought this manga after seeing it written by antama, my favorite author that make "anyone sleeep with me, the hot vice president council " but looks like I'm not really into this.Sure, the concept is unique and story is good. But you have to be very open minded to accept this story, because it's love story between real blood related brothers which kind of taboo. The artwork is awesome too, one of the best in renta. If you really don't mind with the incest content, then this is for you. The love story is slowly developed because he needs to clear up some brotherhood issue first before moving to love story.but the MC is working at quite perverted cafe (in japan, this cafe is called prostitution, but no intercourse allowed, touching is okay; as intercourse is illegal in japan prostution service) so if you looking for some smut, you will get it from the beginning. Compared to her other Antama works, I love the other one better. But it's just my preference.
Cristina20 Rating
It is a taboo story, but I LOVE it!! Every single day I wait and look if another chapter has been released ?
Kaykay Rating
I love this!!!
SpikeKitten Rating
I felt that 5 stars was a little much, but 3 stars would be cruel. I definitely misunderstood the premise of the series at first, but I still ended up enjoying it. I don't know if it's still ongoing. If it's done I'm content with where it left off, but I'd also follow up if more were released.I like that this story shows ways that jealousy can be a bit charming, and when it's horrible, and scary. People get jealous, it's natural, but what you do about your feelings is what matters. Seeking comfort and reassurance is okay, trying to control someone especially to the point they're scared or get hurt is so toxic. The little brother walks the line and toes over it a little, but it's mostly just him not knowing his own feelings and needing to feel more secure. While the other character is outright dangerous.Sometimes the dangerous jealousy gets romanticized too much, but this story handled it pretty well. And I appreciate that.
AlicesWhoreHouse Rating
I seriously check back here everyday for a new update so I can buy the new chapters. I'm OBSESSED! This manga is definitely in my top five when it comes to favorites and I've been reading yaoi for YEARS! I'm excited for more and to see where the story goes!
Nooninaja Rating
The concept of a little brother cafe and incest is what pulled me in at first. It was unique and interesting. Though incest can be a controversial genre for Love manga junkies, I think this story could be enjoyed by all fans of the Love genre. The characters don't get carried away by their feelings and there are genuine moments and character development throughout that just makes it all the more heart wrenching to me as a romantic. Highly recommended. PS. It's kind of like an anthology where the first story ends at chapter 6 and chapter 7 begins a new story..
ebookrenta0k4oj6ldk Rating