User Reviews For: I May Be Your Big Brother But I Want You To Be Sweet On Me


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hweianimeme Rating
Aaaaaaaaahhh I got hooked, I want more QAQ big brother does little brother play at a cafe is already a unique plot, it's already a little smutty and the art is also good. Plus they left the first chapter with some draaaama
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is a slow burn type of story for sure. I wasn't really sure how this was gonna play out, but after five chapters it's pretty clear that both brothers are not normal annnnnd I'm for it 100%. But just when you think one character is gone, surprise!!! He's back and plays a pivotal role in both lead characters lives. Very interesting plot and art is great. It's cute, funny and surprisingly sincere for a smutty manga which just makes it 5 star worthy
Carmen Rating
Finally a BL manga that is comedic and steamy. This is well worth the points and I can't wait for future chapters.
Kaykay Rating
I love this!!!
AlicesWhoreHouse Rating
I seriously check back here everyday for a new update so I can buy the new chapters. I'm OBSESSED! This manga is definitely in my top five when it comes to favorites and I've been reading yaoi for YEARS! I'm excited for more and to see where the story goes!
Cristina20 Rating
It is a taboo story, but I LOVE it!! Every single day I wait and look if another chapter has been released ?
ebookrenta0k4oj6ldk Rating
TheRaikume Rating
It's so cute and I absolutely adore it. I keep coming back everyday to see if it has updated. ?
Helena Rating
Reading this has left me a bit flustered. I'm excited for what's to come next!
yohka Rating
This is a pretty cute title (=?ω?=)?
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