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GregorIAN Rating
For all his 'I won't tells' the guy basically gives away the gay with everything he does, so the top is not only manipulative but a complete liar if he isn't an idiot. Not satisfying. I kept getting angry at the top for being manipulative and the bottom for being naive enough to not just say 'F this - the way you cling to me will lead to rumors regardless, so go obsess over the next gay boy you decide to f*ck.'
Cram Rating
Sweet. Nice art. Little too big eyes, but really nice.
b4n4 Rating
At first thought this was cute and thought the seme was going to help the uke find his confidence, which I mean he kinda did. But it all felt a tad bit manipulative. Idk if that because the seme never fully seemed genuine at times (as if he's just having fun and playing around with the uke), that I felt when he communicated his feelings, it didn't feel sincere enough to be believable or the uke was a bit of a pushover and it felt like he didn't know what he wanted, (which is understandable who has it figured out at their age?), but couldn't help but feel annoyed though. Felt a bit forced, but ch 5 is sweet and makes the previous chapters redeemable-ish. Looking forward to the end though.
ebookrenta0pc3r439b Rating
so far super cute and quite a different beginning of a relationship ?
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ohhhh I like the premise of second chance encounters!! Hotaru is a hopeful romantic from the countryside looking for love and success in Tokyo. The hot guy he's been chatting with on a dating app seems too good to be true. When K takes him to a love motel all his hopes for true love fitters away instantly. But what's this? They both go to the same uni? Oh boy. Art is abnormal to me, gonna take some getting used to. But this seems like a sweet story so I can't wait for the next installment
kurtsy Rating
So far this looks good! The MC is so cute and the story about finding love in an dating app looks refreshing! I can't wait for the next chapters!!
Ren4Liz28 Rating
First volume is cute!! I cannot wait for more. These two are too cute together.
Spocktacle Rating
First chapter is adorbs, right? Naive country boy moves to big city looking for love. Meets an Adonis and starts to think everything will be fine... when the switch flips on the manipulative, dismissive top and the it's all downhill from there. It started out so cute and wholesome and then fell into the typical “or else” trope and I lost interest. It's well written and the art is good but the story was meh.
AinoKusabi Rating
The art is different but pretty and it grows on you and, at least, the sex is consensual. The only thing that was a bit off-putting is Hotaru's constant pessimistic worry-wart attitude; he's correct, society isn't pretty and some people don't react well to same-sex relationships, but not taking any risks at all isn't good either. So if there are future volumes, I hope Hotaru develops a spine and Kei remains supportive.
Seranwrap99 Rating
This is so cute! Even though the seme teases the uke, you can tell he's genuinely interested in him. I was skeptical at first after reading the reviews but now I'm definitely going to be upgrading all of them and I can't wait to see what happens next!
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