User Reviews For: A Foolish Alpha Asked Me To Mate With Him


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CrzyCloud26 Rating
It started out interesting. The end of Vol 2 was...disappointing. Not bad just average especially as it was just 2 chapters/volumes.
Cygnus Rating
Not much smut nor plot. Story is pretty predictable and straightforward, but still cute and fluffy! I do wish there're more chapters until they actually become mates, doesn't quite feel complete nor satisfy the way story ended.
kurome Rating
So far so good, loving the ditsy couple already >u< Cant wait for more~
BringMeTheSmut Rating
I love the whole premise of the omega wanting to 'make alphas pay.' Then the alpha goes against stereotypes and the omega falls for him. I liked the art and thought the couple was sweet. I hope there are more volumes.
dliving222 Rating
I really like these characters. Tell me more about a submissive alpha and an aggressive omega!
HorseObsessed Rating
I like the story alot but it's incomplete. I think it could go for four more chapters. The author should return to this story & finish it, I hope the author finishes it.?
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