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dirtyangeltoes Rating
Well, this manga is off to an interesting start, that's for sure! It took a much different turn than I was expecting, with one of the main characters turning out to have a pretty... rotten and devious personality, haha. But not in a bad way! Thankfully, I can tell this is going to add some interesting character dynamics between our two main characters, and I'm excited to see where it all leads. Already we have a deviation from typical yaoi manga clichés (thank GOD), with an MC that actually fights back against toxic behavior aimed toward him. Dang, what a breath of fresh air! I'm now fully invested in knowing what happens next (and also really enjoying the art style), I can't wait for more!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh this is good!!! Art A+ The characters are very interesting and I'm so curious about what's driving them, especially young Shizuru. Seems like he's holding something against Junichi from their past. Like maybe just maybe he hated the fact the Junichi was with other guys and never saw him that way due to age difference? Or something else that's more devastating like an affair. I'm definitely reading way too much into what their past could be. Can't wait for more!!! Drama!!!
Cygnus Rating
Interesting pairing, ex-delinquent uke with younger super hot seme. lol what a misunderstanding situation uke got himself into open up a can of worms, this seme is no angel. This is going to be good, can't wait for next chapter!
KusottareShonen Rating
Okay what. WHAT. WHAT???? This was fine at first. This was great, even! It was kinda non-consensual but that's a thing in yaoi anyway - the twist with the MC being a bottom was cool, and hot, and I thought we finally had some decent bisexual representation, and then this guy suddenly starts spouting homophobic spiel??? Like what??? I'm torn on whether to continue this. I want to but also like... I really don't want there to be more homophobic lines in this.
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
Really needs some editing to streamline the story, the reader gets jerked around a lot with way too many 'almost' scenes, gdi just fuck already.
Rbond Rating
This has an insanely sweet ending. Well worth it! There is the right amount of backstory and character development to really make it satifying..
angelfeathers Rating
This story was so incredibly sweet and cute, a little spicy, and the dialogue, especially in chapter 5, was soooo touching... I loved this!!!!
candy Rating
Leaving behind everything you cared for can go really fine or totally wrong. A troublemaker that got help from a child meets the kid again. It wasn't all fluff because... you know, love can't be all rainbows and sunshine, but after everything is said and done, turns out that our main character was running away from his happy ending while our male lead found his north again. I loved every moment of the story.
MioAkiyama Rating
cute and easy-to-read story. MC who used to be scrutinized under false rumors met his childhood "hero" that saved him after many years of leaving his side and moving to the city.The story dives into how both MCs grow up in different ways of life and found that their feelings were always mutual since the day they first knew each other as kids.
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