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Cygnus Rating
Soooo happy this is finally available on Renta! Definitely warm fuzzy cute story, no over the top drama. Some may find it unrealistically fast pace in their relationship, but when something clicked, everything just fell into place even though they worked together for years. It is realistic scenario to me because I also worked with my hubby for years until something suddenly sparked, & now I'm happily married for over 18yrs.
TomatoKah91 Rating
This was all kinds of super adorable! It's pretty fast paced, but the relationship is wholesome and it's all consensual with no real drama. Just a super fluffy read, with all the swooning and feel good heart flutters you could ask for. Nothing too deep, but seriously... just adorable.
ebookrenta0ztfdw23u Rating
Very sweet!
zw9500 Rating
The sweetest, cutest, fluffiest love story EVER. The main couple are so perfect for each other... I want what they have!!!
nickel Rating
A delightful read! Definitely recommend if you're looking for something lighthearted! The premise is silly, but it builds well and I love the domestic moments between the pair. The art gets progressively better too; the later chapters are quite steamy and lovelier than what the preview shows.
Daekin Rating
I loved this story! It was sweet and fuzzy and so hot at the same time. Definitely worth buying and reading more than once!
ebookrenta0rd36hxst Rating
This story is so cute!! Love the couple so much! It is a little bit fast paced but it is alright. (Minor spoiler) I am still salty about the third party kissing the uke asdfghjkl. But I am glad that they talked it out and solved the problem in the end T~T So I gave it 5 stars. Love a relationship where both the couple are honest with each other <3
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