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heyobromo Rating
C-comedy? I've seen comedy... This ain't it chief. Or at least, not right now! Chapter 4 just released as I'm writing this. All I can say is that the story is a lot more dramatic and heavy than what I signed up for. The FWB situation isn't light hearted at all, and I'd like to warn potential readers that you should be comfortable with the concept of the leads potentially having *multiple* other sexual partners. The beginning is not fluff worthy at all, the chemistry is a little heartbreaking, and the leads seem to be dealing with tough relationship dynamics. That being said, I feel the story itself is good. Enough that I kept reading despite feeling swindled. It's a little rushed in some areas (somebody catches feelings too fast for example), but I kinda want to cheer them on to the end. I don't know if the leads should be together, but I'd like to see them get to the other side of this, kinda thing. Also, very good smut lololol
Nooninaja Rating
This here ain't no comedy. But it's definitely good in a more serious, dramatic, stalker-y, adult relationships type of way.
GhostUmbrella Rating
**WARNING**elements of stalking and attempted sexual assault later in story (NOT by ml, don't worry) Star knocked off because this is NOT a comedy, idk why this is tagged as such. If that's fixed, I'd consider changing the rating. It's steamy, kind of a cliche dynamic but still cute.
mry818 Rating
The characters are likable and the erotic scenes are fun and fresh, but's the story is meh. The development is weak and not always logical. The first half is much more serious with some darker elements but the second half is much more light hearted. Despite what other reviews say this is a comedy, but the comedic bits are awkward at times (especially in the first half). Worth renting but I wouldn't waste the points to buy this.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Eh, meh? This was seriously all over the place!!! Don't really understand what is going on with the two main characters until ch. 6 or so. It was more cringe haha than omg that's cute or funny lol! Arts kinda messy but it fits perfectly with this this story because it's a messy love story. Arata isn't a player but he's in this weird long term fwb relationship that he wants out of and the girl comes on very aggressive once she realizes she doesn't want to give up on him. Messy and overly dramatic but the ending is sweet. Rent don't buy.
jibbersweet55 Rating
The real MVP is Kyosuke. He is my favorite. Though Mako and Arata's relationship development was nice too.
DarthKristinous Rating
This was the cutest story ever! Loved every minute of it. It had me crying and laughing. Love love love!
Shade112 Rating
The story so far is good but its a little bit cliché
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