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garnetCROW Rating
The series synopsis doesn't do this title justice!Young Mimori finds out how sensitive an erogenous zone his mouth is during a routine dental visit during his 1st year of middle school. After the embarrassment of it and the follow-up clinic visit, he was determined to take care of his teeth, so he'd never have to go to the dentist again. Now in his mid-30's, a newly-ruptured wisdom tooth has caused cavities, so he is forced to go to the dentist. What he finds is a dentist, who seems to enjoy his little embarrassing sensitivity problem, by making it much, much worse. This title just started publishing a few months ago, so it'll be slow going. Artwork is very detailed and I like the style. Certainly love how the dentist has the balls to call Mimori the pervert when he is so much more deviant. (See you at the follow-up visit!)
thisprettyfly Rating
Dr and patient are both freaks!! Love the art and story in this one!
mushrooms Rating
I'll repeat what another reviewer said: this manga was great until, out of nowhere, sexual assault is introduced to the story and the conclusion of everyone is that it's the victim's fault. I feel like I've been slapped in the face, it's so tonally dissonant and honestly I kind of feel betrayed. The story is cute but once the "rival" character is introduced things go downhill immediately.
GregorIAN Rating
I liked the story until they decided sexual assault was the fault of the person being assaulted. Frankly, stop before the rival gets introduced. Nobody deserves Mimori after that.
ozmo Rating
Unicorn Rating
It is the dumbest thing I have ever read and I cant stop laughing
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
I am a sucker for a fetish. This is an Oral fixation. I love this story! It hits all the marks for me.
ebookrenta0r3hxmxr0 Rating
I really really love this series! (I'm at Ch. 14 now, so spoiler for Ch. 11!) I'm past the non-con part with that rival, and I actually respect how this was written out. It might seem like Makoto is being blamed for it, but I think Yuma and Makoto are both having a different conversation, and Makoto's reaction to the whole thing seems very genuine and real. He's very scared, needlessly guilty, and doubts himself thinking he doesn't deserve to defend his actions, even if he didn't consent. Meanwhile Yuma doesn't have the confidence that Makoto loves him either and is quick to conclude that Makoto found someone he liked better after all, and sees it as his own failure rather than Makoto's. The miscommunication and self sabotage are very real-feeling and I felt genuinely hurt for the characters because of how it was written. I really hope they talk more about it but I love that I can really feel how much these two love and think about each other while trying to overcome their own issues.
Ibeshippin Rating
At first I thought this was odd and that this was all a joke but I'm kinda starting to get used to this.. If there is somehow someone out there with this I feel so bad-
MrWspf Rating
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