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Ren4Liz28 Rating
It was definitely not what I was at all. The story was kind of hard to follow at times. It very much was a horror/ mystery type story with random bl smut scenes thrown in. I would have liked to seen a better connection between the main characters. I felt there was no relationship built and they were just randomly running into each other. Also, there was a TON of noncon. Actually most of the smut scenes are noncon. It was original and funny though. I don't think I've ever read a mystery type bl before, so that was kind of cool.
emily Rating
Moccori Kirima is one of my favorite BL authors so I was very excited to see this title here in English! Her art is gorgeous, full of expression and movement, and it's super sexy as well. She also dives a lot into horror/alternative BL stories, which are irresistible to me! The eroticism in this book is wonderful. I love all the r-18 scenes...Kirima-sensei's art is very melty and natural-looking, so it's horny but also enjoyable to look at. The relationship between the teacher and Magaki isn't the focus of the story, but they're drawn to each other in this almost supernatural way which I find fun. As for the horror aspect, I like the variety of creatures and how they're all drawn to the teacher in spooky/sexy ways.I agree with what a lot of other reviewers said, about the stories seeming disjointed. I think if you read slowly, it all makes sense, but there is definitely a lack of "flow" in certain parts.I'm hoping for more of Kirima-sensei's works to appear in English soon!
erinbl21 Rating
I really didn't like this. There was too much noncon for my taste.
Rednotgreen Rating
There is a bit too much going on here. It probably would have been better either as a horror story or a yaoi story. Together, it's a bit too confusing. The relationship between the teacher and student isn't really explored, they just randomly get together with little explanation as to why. The horror stories are all a little rushed as well, although they do have more content. I guess if you like a bit more of a story outside of a typical yaoi then you may like this.
petalteeth Rating
I will say that this story was interesting - but it really wasn't what I expected it to be. I think if you really like the horror/ghost genre with some sex mixed in you'll enjoy it- but the story line felt a little muddled sometimes and I don't feel like any of the characters and their backgrounds every got developed. The relationship between the student and teacher is less of a “romance” and more of a they fuck but there isn't an explicit statement of feelings. The art style is really nice however and I will give it 4 stars to make up for the fact that I rented this knowing I was just trying to give the genre a try!
MioAkiyama Rating
I'm being swept away by the story. It's like multiple mini ghost events that pile up to one big ending. Still, I'm a lil confused were there real powers, or was it an entire hallucination? It's a wonderful read nevertheless~!
Funkypickle Rating
I read other reviews before buying this and I'm glad I bought it anyway! It's definitely a mystery/horror/smut series but everything gets explained in the end and the smut scenes are amazing!! Beautiful art, expressions, intriguing story.. well worth the buy.
jingleclove Rating
I really wanted to like this manga because of it's art and interesting premise based off of the summary, but it felt so disjointed once I got to reading it. I don't want to spoil anything, but nothing really makes much sense until the 5th chapter or so, that is, because a character lays it all out for the reader and MC.I also felt as if the chemistry between the teacher and his student just...didn't seem to exist, it felt more as if the teacher was just his "outlet" so to speak, but the last chapter gave you a sliver that the student actually DID kind of catch feelings for his teacher.My main gripe was the lack of care put into the main couple, especially since theres a lot of unexplained things going on with them. There were lots of missing interaction between them to build up a somewhat decent relationship(minus the initial assault.) It was strange since they were always together, but oh well.I went in blind with this story and felt more confused than content with my purchase.
HorseObsessed Rating
I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!! This book is so funny! You should get this one. One story I feel that is unresolved is Chapter Four. I feel there was little to no backstory on the boy or the Sakura Tree. I think that could've been fleshed out more. I think it could be a series. That school seems to be a hot bed for ghosts & legends. ;() You should get this one. ;()
Ladyharmonixer Rating
For the most part, I enjoyed it. The artwork was pretty good.That being said, there was a bit much to unpack here. Looked like the author was going for a horror/mystery here--which was promising--but the plot was a little underdeveloped. Also, the character development and the relationship between them is a little sketchy. All-in-all it probably benefitted with a longer format than this ( although this was a novel-length piece.).
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