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Mrsmangame123 Rating
What a refreshing story!!! Kaori and Kouya both have immense intimacy issues even though they both look like they have everything in control and are the epitome of success in their line of work. But they have so much in common. I love the art. I love the pacing and how frank these two leads are. Hilarious!!! Definitely want to see if they go through with this and what will unfold afterwards. Great start to a really fun and slightly provocative story.
hempress Rating
yes this is the kinda stuff im here for! a FMC in her mid thirties and a nonconventional setup - cant wait for the next episode!
votoran Rating
This is just great! Not only are the two main characters very well-built and charismatic, the other characters are all interesting and funny, even throwaway ones. The art is both attractive and funny without becoming a parody.
audlew270 Rating
This is a good story. I like the main leads and their interactions.
frogeye Rating
Everything that I am looking for in a mature manga: fun, consent, and chemistry!!
NaeNeko Rating
I like the story so far, definetely going to buy the next chapter as well. Both characters are interesting and have relatable background stories so far. I wonder how this story will continue lol? Great first chapter.
Moldybug Rating
WOW....this manga is so damn hot holy moly - the art and expressions are super hot and I love the characters
Pugsrule Rating
This is a great story and actually pretty realistic. I think the two leads complement each other well and I like that the other doesn't drag things too long with the same repetitive situations. This story is a great turn on and I really appreciate the artwork.
ebookrentadecember27 Rating
This is a pretty great story. I like how vulnerable the characters are. I really like the banter they have inside their mind. Makes me laugh and it's naughty at the same time.
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