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Mrsmangame123 Rating
What a refreshing story!!! Kaori and Kouya both have immense intimacy issues even though they both look like they have everything in control and are the epitome of success in their line of work. But they have so much in common. I love the art. I love the pacing and how frank these two leads are. Hilarious!!! Definitely want to see if they go through with this and what will unfold afterwards. Great start to a really fun and slightly provocative story.
andiekae Rating
I honestly wasn't sure what I'd get with this title and premise but I am LOVING it!!! It seems a bit silly at first, but we get so much unexpected depth from both characters! It's also so refreshing to see a manga address the struggles and feelings of working women without making light of them, or making them out to have less worth as women. I really can't wait to see where it goes from here!
frogeye Rating
Everything that I am looking for in a mature manga: fun, consent, and chemistry!!
hempress Rating
yes this is the kinda stuff im here for! a FMC in her mid thirties and a nonconventional setup - cant wait for the next episode!
Pugsrule Rating
This is a great story and actually pretty realistic. I think the two leads complement each other well and I like that the other doesn't drag things too long with the same repetitive situations. This story is a great turn on and I really appreciate the artwork.
votoran Rating
This is just great! Not only are the two main characters very well-built and charismatic, the other characters are all interesting and funny, even throwaway ones. The art is both attractive and funny without becoming a parody.
ebookrentadecember27 Rating
This is a pretty great story. I like how vulnerable the characters are. I really like the banter they have inside their mind. Makes me laugh and it's naughty at the same time.
Profesora Rating
I love everything about this series! The FMC is funny and unapologetic in the best of ways, and the series is so relatable for women in their 30s. The series is all about how to communicate better with your partner in bed and in life. It is plot heavy, so later on, the smut scenes are less frequent but still very spicy.
Shouta987 Rating
Starting off, this story was excellent. I thought, how refreshing to see those with traumatic past relationship issues to overcome them together. Personally, I felt it was uncommon that you have both leads so such heavy, unique situations in the past that was crippling them. However, (SPOILER) they didn't last very long & the rest of the story is about them moving on without each other. Not that doesn't hold it's own beauty. My qualm is with the fact that they beautiful up those stories with our two leads just to tear it all apart. I gave this story a dozen chapters to see if there's change but, sadly, no. I'll likely come back with the story is complete, entirely out of curiosity, to see how it ends. In all, the story was pretty well done. More than anything, it was just not what I personally has not gone in the direction I had hoped it would.
MoonlightAngel Rating
As much as I love Josei/Mature Romance manga I have to admit that most of them are essentially porn with plot and are plagued with clichés deeply rooted in Japanese social conventions. Show It To Me, Baby! takes some of these clichés and throws them out the window to construct a story in which we have characters balancing their work lives and personal matters in a refreshing way. We have realistic depictions of long distance relationships and challenging family expectations; the age difference isn't a kink but an obstacle for the main couple to work around. Special kudos for not introducing the rivals as some sort of cackling villains but actual people with feelings that can't be reciprocated and for making Asahi a hard working woman who tries her best and doesn't always succeed but doesn't need Kouya to come “save her” from sudden bouts of incompetence. The smut isn't as abundant as in other series but it's steamy and somehow feels earned, maybe because the plot is so well crafted.
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