User Reviews For: I Didn't Ask You to Make Love to Me! -The Man I'm Obsessed With is a Male Porn Star-


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xxelvira17xx Rating
This is really good. I promise you won't regret it
KingOfK3arts Rating
For anyone wondering yes everything is con which is something I was worried about. But the leads are amazing together and the smut is amazing. I for sure would recommend this.
dirtyangeltoes Rating
If you're looking for something super kinky, this manga right here is it, bahahaha. Love it!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yup! This is good!! Seo and Natori have lots of chemistry and the pacing is really good. Thumbs up!!
Fujoshi93 Rating
It's been a while since I've liked a series so much that I write a review. Though it starts off a little bit cliché, it turned into an amazing read. It was cute and steamy, the couple seems like they have a healthy relationship for the most part. The story premise is actually pretty good, and progresses very nicely. I binged it all in one sitting, and it made me really horny??. All in all, it's a great read and I can't wait for the third installment.?
Whatever Rating
Love this, while non traditional they are the cutest couple. The procession of their relationship feels natural not forced. And Natori is hilarious. Love those looks Seo gives him, feels like he's been waiting for someone like Natori for a long time. Makes you realize how lonely he is. And the porn aspect give interesting and fresh situations that work for this story.
kitro Rating
Honestly one of my fave series! I love both the main characters and the smut scenes are hot! I keep coming back to reread the chapters because it's just so good!
cowynet Rating
If you looking for smutty steamy hot BL comedy romance with good art to bright up your day, I highly recommend this series. I personally think this series got underrated in renta, in other platform this really popular. I have finished chapter 12 in renta and already bought several advanced chapters in japanese since I really like it. In this manga, You will find something that rarely happen in BL manga like visiting cross dress experience cafe or watching the seme doing porn shoot, since the seme working in adult industy.The relationship between the seme and uke is really cute too, the author blend the romance and comedy very well. The seme is quite cocky but surprisingly he is very thoughtful and faithful, so no NTR here (I don't count sex for work as ntr). The uke is typical tsundere but quite honest with himself after being pushed by cocky seme, so interaction with them is perfect combination.And the best part is sexy scene that is very very well executed!
flyhigh10 Rating
I wasn't sure about this one because the title and cover but it's actually an amazing love story. One of my all time favorites on renta. I highly recommend it!
SigridTorren Rating
I love how Natori is so respectful and understanding about Seo's work. I also love how Seo is so caring and we get to see how his love for Natori grows through the chapters. The amount of drama is just right, I never feel overly frustrated by their conflict and the resolutions are paced well. The story also gave us a good balance of plot and spice! I can't wait to see how the rest of their story goes. Would totally recommend anyone to start reading the series.
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