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garnetCROW Rating
This title gave a new spin on the whole Omegaverse idea, by adding anthropomorphism into the mix. Manga author Sachio has a really troublesome relationship with his new editor Ukano. Not only is Sachio an Omega when Ukano's an Alpha, but he's also a prey animal (mouse) who works with a predator (fox), AND add in to the mix, that they also can transform fully into their animal forms. Sachio understands where he falls on the food chain (which is why being a shut-in manga author is the best job for him), so his dark humor about being food is part of his self-deprecating personality. I did enjoy when he refers to his animal form as a cream puff (I agree he's a butter roll tho), even talking selfies of his fluffy cuteness. So far, we don't know much about Ukano. He's definitely a fan of Sachio's manga, but whether he sees him as prey, like Sachio thinks, or as a possible Omega partner, is still debatable. (I hope that 'bite' at the end was a try at a possible pairing!)
Atlasy Rating
I love this story!! It's cute and hot and sometimes I burst into laughter over it. It's definitely worth the buy, I eagerly await the next chapters!
sammi Rating
love love love! Such hot scenes and their dynamic together is really cute! looking forward to more!
Seranwrap99 Rating
I'm loving this take on the omegaverse and can't wait to read more!
ebookrenta05jid21h1 Rating
Gah! This is soooo good. Can't wait for the next chapter!!
SadAsian Rating
So cute! I like this omegaverse too
makmaklala Rating
I love this! The art is great, it's perfectly steamy and the two main OC's are so adorable! I love the mouse/fox dynamic and the progression of their relationship. Only the 5 chapters out of 6 are up so far, but I already wish it were much longer!
vanlee84 Rating
Omegaverse plus kemonomimi. Perfection! The story is very original, the art is pretty. Can't wait to see what happens next!
radish Rating
Oh my god this is so good- the art is great, the story and pacing is great, and the h scenes hnnggg--
beefly Rating
So hot hot hot... plus super cute.
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