User Reviews For: You Just Can't Beat A Guy With A Double Face [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!! Kaname and Soma are too stinkin cute!!! Kaname is such a doofus. Sweet and lovable, but a tad bit dense and defenseless. He loves hero movies and his biggest dream is to live out his lifelong fantasy of having a best bud to protect. An us against the world type of bond. He can't stand his all star perfect classmate Katagiri, but when he realizes his newfound idol Soma is the one and same Katagiri his world is turned upside down. And they are everything!!!! Kaname can try with all his might, but what Soma wants, Soma gets. It's not a total slow burn because Soma be trying to get lovey dovey at anytime lol!!! But It takes a while for both set of feelings to become mutual. So sweet!!! Definite reread for sure!!!
Seregil Rating
The glasses go ON when it's time to beat people up. I'd give five stars for that alone! Seriously, though, it's actually kind of cute and a good read. Recommend!
alienxxi Rating
WHAAAAAT? I NEVER BREEZED SO FAST IN MANGA RECENTLY!!! THIS IS SUCH A GREAT READ!!! I thought things would be stale when Soma was outed to be Katagiri in the first part of the manga but it just became more interesting and hotter! Kaname was so cute for being simple and such an open book with his emotions. And Katagiri was so sexy to look at. I'm so happy to have read this! I'm in love with this one sided enemies to lovers. Definitely a good buy!
Scarlet Rating
So cute and so sexy. Love it!!
aliceanimelover Rating
What a classic.
MioAkiyama Rating
A+ student that fights really well and a delinquent that wants to protect people with his fist. Love blooms between the two when A+ student disguise into someone else and protects our dear Delinquent from gang fights. The pacing was really good and the development between the two MC was great! I highly recommend!
BlackBelle Rating
How can anyone say a story about delinquents and fighting can be adorable? Well, it's easy with this story. Our two MCs move from being annoyed with each other to loving everything about each other. They both have hero complexes and want to be that hero for each other. Basically, they are tough guys with hearts of squishy gold. I highly recommend this cute story.
SadAsian Rating
Super cute with good art!!! Its a sweet story about a delinquent and a A+ student that can fight
pandaquit Rating
I love ittt! Both characters were so adorable and all the intimate scenes made my heart flutter! It was such a fun read, maybe a bit cliche but the art and characters were so good, it was very much worth it!
ChiiMotosua Rating
This was perfect. Cute, funny, adorable, sexy, wholesome - the entire package. Loved the art, the characters, the plot, everything. Worth every cent paid. ??
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