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retardedapplejuice Rating
The premise is rather simple - two rivals who end up doing the dirty deed... Well, deeds, really. After Kanzaki and Kirita get stuck in an elevator, one thing just seems to lead to another and they end up getting a bit too comfortable with each other for a moment. Their story pretty much consists of getting trapped together in different places in their office building and... You can figure out the rest.
AUTlearn3 Rating
Good chemistry from the pairing. Sweet fun
fionav3 Rating
I just read all 12 books in the series and I pray there is more! This is AWESOME! I absolutely adore both Kirita and Kanzaki, their relationship is so much fun to watch. It's also surprisingly cute. In fact, this manga balances the cute moments and the steamy moments extremely well, which is a rare feat in yaoi. Not to mention the sheninanigans! Dear god, the situations these two land themselves in, it's hilarious. How is Kirita always without his phone? Why is Kanzaki's always about to die? It's priceless the way these things go down. I sincerely hope for more issues because this is easily one of the best yaoi's I've ever read. Absolute gold and I highly recommend reading it.
funbrillo Rating
Okay. I have read this all the way through volume 12. It is actually a good series and has a good level of smut but a story too. The first volume will have them being trapped and having sex a lot but it is kind of a running joke and causes them to initiate their relationship. Them being trapped does not happen every time after that but it is a running gag (trapped in a car, stuck in a hot springs because of a rock slide, on an island because of bad weather, and another elevator - they even say
kyokobaby Rating
I love the humor in both the writing and the art, so I was cackling pretty much through the whole thing. I'm also a complete sucker for a drawn-out hate-to-love relationship between competitive guys who have to keep one-upping each other, so this was a perfect fit for me.
Binx0r Rating
It's a pretty cute story, they're both really unlucky I guess pfft
Jedirenagade Rating
I really enjoy this series. While the premise is that these two rivals often get trapped in places and end up between the sheets, its also so much more. They both have feelings but neither want to be the first to confess. The character dynamics are what really make this worth reading. Not overly smutty. The price is a bit steep but I think this series is definitely one to be read over and over.
Aracellia Rating
Love this, not too fast, the intimate scenes are cute and funny. Please update!
Stitchwitch Rating
I love this manga! I'm a sucker for the rivals to lovers or hate to love trope and this is perfect. I love Kanzaki and Kirito's relationship and how their interactions change. I just want more.
salikaserrano Rating
i'm personally a sucker for the whole enemies to lovers trope so i LOVE this series! it can be a bit cliche so if you're not into that i wouldn't recommend it but if you're like me and love a good cheesy romcom i definitely recommend this!
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