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Bellpepper69 Rating
A cute slow burn type of story. It has some funny panels and a messy artstyle (in a good way) Great for people who love highscool delinquents and slice of life stories. If you're reading this and enjoyed this work, please, check out "hare tokidoki wakabasou" by the same author. It's also a cute delinquent story. I've been waiting years for it to be translated, so I really hope Renta will pick it up.
Chenaultj Rating
Incredibly wholesome, sweet, story. These are some of my favorite character types too! A persistent uke and a laid back seem who doesn't really show much emotion. I love the gangster/hamster pair so much. Read this story if you love heart warming and slow building relationships that form the purest love.
SuPeRoTaKu Rating
Love, love, loved it! If you're looking for a sweet, addictive manga, I highly recommend "My Sempai"! Honestly, this story was light, the art style was nostalgic and it captured cute, pure BL. Worth an unlimited buy, I promise.
YokaiAkito Rating
This manga is so cute and fun! The expressions of the characters are so hilarious, and the art style is lighthearted. The story is very sweet with just a hint bitterness. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a fun read with a couple of well-placed tearjerker scenes!
November2000YAOI Rating
This yaoi manga is cute. The characters are funny and lovable. If your looking for a manga to make you smile and have a nice little laugh. I highly recommend this one. If you want something with mature content I reccomend another yaoi manga.Overall, I liked it and hope those of you that give it a chance like it too!
poppidim Rating
Hands-down one of the funniest manga I've ever read! The expressions are HILARIOUS. I really enjoyed all the wacky side characters too!
fandomnightmare Rating
Oh man, this was lovely. The art was retro and incredibly detailed and atmospheric, the characters were lovable and relatable without feeling like caricatures or archetypes... This was a warm, wholesome exploration of two very different people navigating the route between friendship and love. The story wasn't too unique, but it was masterfully crafted and illustrated. Sometimes all you want is the best available version of something familiar, and this is it. I wish I could buy a physical copy of this and put it on my comics shelf. What a delightful manga!
GregorIAN Rating
Somehow empty despite being full. Weird feeling across the board. Like - it should have been adorable and hilarious, but something kind of irked me the entire time that I couldn't put my finger on.
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