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kleepart Rating
I love this author's works. The art in this is great, the characters seem real and relatable. Their raw emotions and struggles really pull you in. This story steers clear of the typical tropes that come in the Yaoi genre (don't get me wrong, I love those tropes too), and is a fresh story and concept. I highly recommend this work, it's definitely worth it. I really hope they get more of this author's work on here.
LeviMika Rating
Relationship between the two leads is refreshing and somehow just FEELS real; I found them to be very relate-able even if I were never in either of their specific situations. Their back and forth banter is also seriously great and a pleasure to read. The tension build-up throughout almost every chapter was executed incredibly well too! Get ready for some major feels and if you want to read a really nice BL with substance, you won't regret it!
legallybling Rating
Touching story with realistic relationship, as expected from Yoneda Kou sensei!!!!
YokaiAkito Rating
This is such an amazing manga! The artwork is beautiful, the characters are very expressive, the story is believable, and the sex scenes are wonderful! The story is very dramatic. So, get ready for lots of feels, and have those tissues handy!
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
Beautiful story. It felt like there were some hiccups with the translations, possibly some places were done too literally so the meaning was lost. But even with that, the layers to these characters and depth to their personalities was completely visible. The author had such a knack for conveying Shima's awkwardness and Togawa ability to respond with kindness in his genuine uncontrived way. The build up of those moments leads to the power behind Shima recognising and owning his flaws. Great storytelling.
themashaone Rating
Maybe I'm biased because I'm a huge fan of "Twittering birds" but this book delivers on so many levels. The characters are fantastic and there's an actual plot unlike a lot of yaoi (which I still enjoy but...)Really recommend if you're up for some feels.
urara Rating
Hands down one of my absolute favourite BL title! It shows the struggles of the characters really well and the traumatic pasts were portrayed nicely. I couldn't hold back my tears at the part he broke down and cry! Yoneda Kou-sensei never fails and this is a great title.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
One of my fave authors. The story and art are always amazing. This is one of the best manga I've read. It is sweet and has a real, unexaggerated storyline. I loved it!
alchemistress Rating
Truly loved it. Characters are unique, complex, and touching. I hope we get another volume at some point, but even if we don't it was a heartfelt journey.
belovedless Rating
This was a fantastic and pretty realistic romance.
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