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heyyyjude Rating
What a lucky girl. 4 guys are into her. 1) the doctor -- he seriously does not understand other women's feelings or his own. he comes off thoughtless and rude. It's kind of funny seeing his normal cool expressionless self become perplexed with thoughts of Makoto. 2) the playboy coworker -- he's upfront about ulterior motives. 3) the younger guy -- poor sweet shy David. he's totally like the "little brother" type of guy in your life. 4) the best friend -- friend zoned. poor guy. It's definitely interesting because I mean ... we have encountered these types of guys in our lives ...maybe not all at once (you lucky girl, Makoto) The story so far is interesting ... just watching all of these men making or attempting to make an advance towards her.
Nanami Rating
2 stars for keeping me hooked enough that I completed the entire series. I kept on going, hoping that things would get better. Honestly felt like it could potentially be a good romance. But no, the male lead just becomes a bigger douche with each chapter, and out of the blue, everything is resolved and swept under the rug without addressing any of the issues that cropped up along the way. I like the female lead but she doesn't learn any lesson, doesn't get stronger or make better decisions, and just keeps letting everyone run over her. I'm rarely this harsh but this is honestly infuriating to read with a very illogical plot line.
jackiejean Rating
Everything is mediocre. The characters, steamy moments, artwork, plot, main girl and love interest. All just "eh". I suggest you spend your money else where. There's also a LOT of slut shaming, to the point where you could make a drinking game out of it and be wasted by the end of the first volume, which is irritating.
Strick Rating
Should be renamed "the doctor and the slut" cuz she definitely gets around...very little chemistry so I wasnt a fan.
MaySage Rating
A female character who has sex with the majority of the guys introduced in the book. The summary is pretty inaccurate. The doctor barely shows up and they don't have any relationship. He's just one of the half dozen dudes she bones.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Omg the art is uhmazimg!! The story is so good. A young woman with dreams of being a mangaka, but sucks at drawing, such is life. Also has the worst taste in men, they typically just use her and she allows herself to be treated poorly. Definitely a bad case of looking for love in all the wrong places. But that is all behind her, because she is now completely 100% infatuated with her gynecologist, who is super rude and has poor social skills, but I found myself rooting for her to get with him, just because in a way all of his hot and cold behavior made her do a lot of self reflecting and she was making necessary steps to becoming a stronger woman. He in turn was learning that he needed her to become a better person as well. It's called growth and sometimes the person who is destined to be your partner in life will make you grow as a person. I also loved that all of the men who showed Makoto interest were completely genuine, nice guys who really cared for her and her well being. Loved it
LemonMasochist Rating
The only reason why I'm giving this 4 stars is because I didn't like how the doctor guy threw the woman out of his apartment, and then he threw her coat at her after he kicked her out '_' no! #disrespectful and all because he saw-a hickey on her boob, other than that I liked it but I think there's going to be a vol.2 coming out so I hope the story gets better, there's not really a sex scene in this first volume but there's some foreplay but it stops after the doctor kicks the woman out of his apartment. The art work is pretty though :) :)
Kaseymere Rating
I love and hated it. So many emotions and so much up and down. So crazy
Guest Rating
Main character is easy. Just opens her legs to anyone who possibly has an interest in her, even if she's in love with someone (who seems to hate her guts) I don't understand how anyone fell in love with anyone. God, I mean the doctor ditched her in the middle of the night, at a nature park. Spent 15$ just to find out who shes gonna bone for the rest of her life... even tho, theres a couple of likable characters, lotta personality. Just wish the main character wasn't that easy, it'd make her more relatable..
Blluevaz Rating
TOO MANY LOVE INTERESTS. it doesn't give you our the main character space the get to know anyone. While I think she's a good example of a relatable character, there's an unreasonable amount of men trying to get in her pants after just meeting her
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