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November 25, 2020 JST

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Blindside Date

Jayde and Garrett couldn't be more different. Garrett is a playboy lecturer and partygoer who is always surrounded by women. Jayde is a serious, diligent student who focuses on helping the less fortunate... and she's never been kissed! In contrast to the flirtatious Garrett, Jayde is saving her first kiss for the man she will marry. In a shocking turn, the two of them are invited to appear on a reality show about a blind date, and the promise of a fun raising segment to support Jayde's social work persuades her to take the offer. Throughout the course of the show, the two learn that while they may be complete opposites on the surface, they learn that they have more in common than they initially thought. This story shows that first impressions are not always reliable, and people are much more complicated than initial appearances. It also shows that differences between two people aren't always a deal breaker and can sometimes even help bring people closer together. You will definitely enjoy this story if you enjoy rooting for people to overcome their differences, and their own difficult pasts.

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