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A Wannabe Prince!

Since first reading about the dashing princes in children's books as a small boy, Rio has made it his goal to become a real-life prince charming. He's kind, chivalrous, helpful, and handsome to boot. This makes him some enemies with his male classmates, however, and while he's being bullied he's rescued by a Ouji. Ouji is a natural prince - someone who is brave and cool without even trying - so Rio begs him to take him under his wing. There seems to be another reason, however, that Rio is so drawn to Ouji. This is a really cute, sweet story that's in line with some more traditional yaoi tropes without feeling stale. While this book caught my eye with the silly premise and wonderful art, I was really touched by Rio and Ouji's slow slide into love, as well as the sincere way Rio's realization about both his sexuality and the real reason for his life-long fixation on princes was handled. A nice, sweet, relaxing yaoi manga that will leave you satisfied!

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