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First Love

Butterflies in the stomach, clammy hands... Ah, how sweet is first love?

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Publisher Feature: NIHONBUNGEISHA

NIHONBUNGEISHA's yaoi manga feature solid stories full of laughter, tears, and emotional moments to satisfy your every yaoi need, and we promise they're not generic.

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The Desert King

Princess Aliyah arrives to her wedding in a black wedding dress. This is a declaration of war to her husband, King Kamal. Seven years ago, the two were in a relationship, but...

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Nekomiya and the Cat Shrine

Everybody knows that cats have nine lives... but what if they actually lived forever? The premise of this cuddly collection of short stories is that cats can't actually die; they just go to Nekomiya's cat shrine and change into a new fur! However, if a human should somehow discover this secret, that cat will forget the most important thing to them. For a cat, that could be anything from their owner's memory, to their love of eating, or even something that makes up their core personality! Each story is filled to the brim with all types of furry feline cuties: loving cats, aloof cats, lonely cats, fighting cats... even a cat who decides she wants to wear "human fur!" And, just when you think it can't get any cuter, another heartwarming panel appears. At first, Nekomiya herself seems angry and mysterious, but she has her reasons, too, and it turns out petting all the cats is only part of her job description...

Since each story is basically self-contained, there's no grandiose plot here. In other words, this manga is the distilled essence of taking a break and looking at cat pictures. If that sounds right up your alley cat, then you owe it to yourself to open up a new tab(by) and scratch that post and that itch with "Nekomiya and the Cat Shrine!"

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