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Second Chances Series!

Don't miss out on this dramatic series that captures the complexities of human relationships!

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I'm a Pop Star, Now Expose Me!

A famous pop star with a squeaky-clean past has a dirty secret...! This is an agonizing love story between a wild-yet-noble performer and a paparazzo in the wrong place at the wrong time!

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Dangerous Lovers: Ex-army, Mafia, Secret Agent?!

Enjoy the thrill of a high-risk love!

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Married by Dawn

No human could possibly be as beautiful as this man, and in that moment Tara completely forgot about her plan...

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The Sabbides Secret Baby

And now, for another thrilling tale of love, lust, and secret babies! Phobe felt like she was in paradise with her lover Jed, a handsome, Greek, tiger of a man, and heir to the famous Sabbides Corporation. Showered with gifts and nights of passion, it seemed like everything was perfect, that is, until she found out she was pregnant. Jed's scornful reaction to Phobe's announcement was the last thing she was expecting, and when she then suffers from a tragic miscarriage after an unfortunate accident, she decides to run home to Dorset and be rid of the cruel man and her now tainted memories with him. Five years later, the two happen to meet again at a ball in Greece, and while Jed seems to still be the cold, but lustful man Phobe remembers, she herself is actually keeping a secret from him...
The relationship between Phobe and Jed is like watching a battle between fire and ice, as misunderstandings mount, and neither one wants to back down. They fight not only each other though, but themselves as well, as we find out more about Jed's troubling past and what made him into the man he is today. If you're after excitement, I can't recommend "The Sabbides Secret Baby" enough.

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