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The Wolf in the Flower Shop

A love story that begins in the worst possible way between a handsome florist and a romantic high school tough guy! Will brotherly love bring them together?

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An Extramarital Quartet -The Detective and the Wife-

I'm with a man that's not my husband. A man I don't know, who is aggressively touching me in sensitive places. And now, I'm past the point of no return...

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Minor Monster Panic

In this world, humans possess a power known as "Divine Protection." These divine protectors take the form of demons, gods, and spirits, among other things, though they often aren't very powerful. However, some individuals, like Kojiro Suzuki, are particularly strong and attend special schools for kids with powerful protectors. Kojiro's protector is the fire demon god Ifrid, which allows him to manipulate smoke, a power strong enough to get him put on the school's Discipline Monitoring Committee. Alongside him on the committee is Chairman Lauri Asagiri, who's protected by the water god Leviathan, and perhaps more importantly has a huge crush on Kojiro! But when fire and water mix, will things get steamy? There's only one way to find out...!
A sweet rom-com with a fantasy twist, the "Divine Protection" setting not only adds a little more flavor to this school-based story, but also provides an excuse for making flaming hot protagonists! Although there are some sexy scenes towards the end, this is more of a light-hearted read for anyone interested in some beautiful boys and easy laughs.

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