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Flower and Poison NEW Comic


Shinobu takes in a stray "cat"- a cute, innocent-looking girl who starts to live with her. Shinobu is disillusioned with interpersonal relationships, and she isn't looking for anything, so what are those feelings that the mysterious girl has awakened in her heart? Whenever Shinobu paints her, she feels at ease, but she longs to touch more than the canvas...


Patterns of Yuri at the Girls' School NEW Comic


Hikari loves her classmate Maho, who she's known since they were little. They display their affection for each other so much it draws the suspicions of everyone. But, this is all a show as Maho is actually involved with another girl... After school, classmate Ai asks Hikari, "Is it really okay if your girlfriend is flirting with another girl?" Without knowing what Ai's game is, Hikari finds herself being kissed by her... and seduced. Ai does things to her that she's always wanted to do with Maho. Despite the heartbreak, she's physically enraptured... A feeling of loss quickly takes a turn in this tale of schoolgirl discovery.


Allergic to Love ( Current vol 11 ) NEW Comic Popular

AuthorYoko Ito

"Come on! Touch me." Satoko is a 24-year-old woman who runs away from an isolated countryside to start a new life in a big city. One day, her mother calls her and tells her she's found Satoko a man to marry! Satoko would rather die... When her boss Taichi, an awkward guy with thick glasses, worries about her, she wonders if he would make a kind boyfriend. Satoko makes her move on him, but finds he's packing more than she can handle...!


Once a Week Just Isn't Enough! [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] NEW Comic

Aono's out of money and out on the street. He ends up crashing at his coworker Yazu's place. In exchange, Yazu wants to do it once a week! It's Aono's first time with a guy, but that doesn't stop him from getting all wet and messy with the super aggressive Yazu... Includes a limited-edition bonus page at the end for Renta! readers!!


Bitten Till I Melt [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] NEW Comic

It's been six years since Takeshi (alpha) and Yoshihisa (omega) have been dating. Even though they have a sweet life together, it doesn't look like the serious Takeshi wants to become a pair with Yoshihisa. "Maybe he doesn't bite me because we're not a 'destiny pair.'" Yoshihisa is so worried about Takeshi's "destiny pair" that he forgets to take his heat suppressant pills and becomes consumed with a very strong heat. The heat is so uncontrollable, the two forget to use contraception and make meltingly passionate love... An omegaverse love story controlled by destiny! Also included is a story about an office worker and a genius D.J. Includes Renta!-only pages.


Mandatory Matrimony -A Hot Working Guy and a Cold Office Girl- NEW Comic

A rapid decline in birthrate forces the government to implement a mandatory marriage system. Two complete strangers have no choice but to marry one another! If you refuse, you can get fined and lose your job! If the married couple can't find common ground within two weeks of cohabitation, they can go their separate ways. Nanao, an ice queen at her office, suddenly finds herself forced to marry a brazen construction worker who doesn't let her out of his arms every night until morning! Just what is going to happen to this mismatched couple!?


Our Addictive Carnal Games ( Current vol 2 ) NEW Comic

AuthorNerima zim

Haruki is a school nurse by day, natural-born manhunter by night. Lately, though, he hasn't been able to catch any prey. As his frustration reaches a boiling point, he is approached by a mysterious young man named Shion. "Give it up. I'm only gonna stop you." Haruki laughs this off, believing it to be some kind of immature revenge plot. Shion seizes this opportunity to push Haruki down and bind his hands. In a state of rapture, Shion says, "I've been told I'm pretty good. So, all you gotta do is sit back and take it." Despite not usually being on the receiving end, Haruki can't help but lose himself to the pleasure...!


Backstage, I'm Yours ( Current vol 4 ) NEW Comic

Masataka, an audio technician, has known Kei since his amateur rock days and used to treat him to ramen. But, now that Kei has become a top-selling artist, their positions are reversed. One day, Masataka is assigned to help with Kei's upcoming performance, and after the show he's invited to the after-party. Little did he realize it was an orgy!


If It's Love, Don't Fight It -At Night, This Perfect Gentleman Turns Wicked- ( Current vol 2 ) NEW Comic


Mika isn't accustomed to romance, but then she meets the handsome cafe manager, Kyosuke. It's love at first sight, and she's been chasing after him ever since... Every day, he's curt and unrelentingly cold towards her. She likes those cool traits, too, though! Then, one night, after accidentally finding her way inside his house, an intoxicated Kyosuke pins her down! That night, the normally cold, classy gentleman suddenly turns naughty!! When he plays with her there... it feels so good she can barely even think...!


Please Marry Me Right Now -I've Gotta Get Married in the Next Three Months- NEW Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

Kotoha hasn't had a boyfriend in ten years, but now she'll get married in three months! Right before a company party, Kotoha Aihara (29) got news that her grandmother has only six months left to live. On her sickbed, Kotoha's grandmother says her only regret is not being able to see Kotoha get married... So, Kotoha decides to get married within the next three months!! Desperate and willing to marry anyone, three of her coworkers nominate themselves for the job!! After the company party, they decide to test their physical compatibility, but it's been a while for Kotoha (plus, there are three of them!), so things heat up pretty fast... Is this for real!?


You're Too Nice! -I'm Not Letting You off Until You're Mine- ( Current vol 10 ) NEW Comic

Mao Uehara is talked into taking her twin sister Rio's place at a blind date. The mystery man turns out to be her beloved boss, Yuusei. The young chief has his own reasons for being there. Just as Mao thinks it's about time to call it a night, Yuusei takes her hand and pulls her away with him. He captures her lips in a kiss and they spend a passionate night together.


The Busy Bee Falls for the Useless Cat's Meow ( Current vol 5 ) NEW Comic


Junya Hisayoshi's a businessman who has a lot of certifications. Upon orders from his father, who runs a temp staffing firm, he goes undercover into one of his client's rival companies. The target is their current president, Zen Asahina, who is devilishly handsome and a former model, and there are many rumors about his business methods. Based on information that Zen once dated a guy, Junya tries to seduce Zen while they're alone in his office, but he's causally turned down and made to endure humiliation. However, Junya then finds out about Zen's super-kept secret...?


I Can't Fall in Love with My Husband! ( Current vol 4 ) NEW Comic


Akane married the company's hottie, Takuya, just because of their perfect chemistry in bed. She wanted them to be in love, and even though they're living together under the agreement not to fall in love, her feelings just grow stronger every day. Is there any way for this married couple to find love with each other!?


Sadistic Bartender -My Naughty Body Is Drunk on Love- [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] ( Current vol 4 ) NEW Comic

The only thing office worker Midori Saeki looks forward to is going to the Lotus Bar on Friday nights. Then, one evening, she meets the new bartender, Yoshiharu Kagawa. He's got a foul mouth, but he's handsome and good at his job. When a guy Midori meets at a mixer tries taking her to a hotel, Yoshiharu sees them and scares the guy off. Relieved, Midori falls asleep right there on the street... only to wake up in bed with Yoshiharu! He tells her, "This is compensation for the trouble you caused." She thinks it's ridiculous, but she's more concerned with how good Yoshiharu's making her feel. He takes her to the height of pleasure, something she hasn't experienced for a long while... What's Midori meant to do now...?Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


Which Man Do You Choose to "Do"!? NEW Comic

On her way to her company's year-end party, Kanako encounters a lost child. She's going to be late! As she struggles to calm the distraught child, her handsome senior Yuji and her playboy subordinate Makoto happen to pass by. The three of them end up drinking together, and on the way home, one of them suddenly steals a kiss... Being the respectable office worker she is, Kanako focuses on her work, but suddenly finds herself being seduced by the two handsome men!! In addition to this steamy office romp, this volume includes five more heart-pounding and downright dirty love stories!


Does It Feel Too Good to Speak? -My Secret Lover's Indulgent Lessons- ( Current vol 17 ) NEW Comic

Working at the same company, the cool salesman Hazuki and project coordinator Mina are in the midst of a secret love affair. Due to the company's strict policy against office romance, if they are caught they will be forced apart. Even so, Hazuki has a sadistic side that knows no bounds and loves to cause mischief. Mischief that involves intense inter-office relations...


The Black Sheep's Secret Child NEW Comic


Faced with a huge problem, Savannah visits Trent, her ex-boyfriend. Their breakup was hard on her, but now she needs his help. He runs a club in Las Vegas, looks as gorgeous as ever and his simple touch sets her on fire. But he's incredulous that she would ask for his help after she dumped him and married his brother. After their relationship ended, she realized she was pregnant, but she knew Trent wasn't interested in marriage. That's why she decided to accept his brother's marriage proposal. Now widowed, she wants Trent to help the child he doesn't know is his!?



My Fickle Jaguar ( Current vol 15 ) NEW Comic


Sojun Shiina's as fickle as a cat. He only comes to Arata when he wants to. Arata knows that, yet can't help but reach out his hand... After three months away, Sojun, a famed guitarist, returns to Arata, editor of a well-regarded music magazine. Despite his talent, Sojun has cut himself off from the Japanese music scene. Unable to settle down, he bounces back and forth between countries, often leaving his longtime lover Arata behind. Arata knows that about Sojun, but can't help wishing he'd come back for good, to stay by his side, hold him and make love with him... The adult love between these two men flickers between Arata's admiration for Sojun's immense talent, his sense of inferiority, and the freedom and possessiveness that comes from affection.


More Than He Expected NEW Comic


Billionaire Alex doesn't believe in love. In fact, the idea repulses him. And yet, he can't forget Gwen, the kindhearted nurse he met at his best friend's wedding. When he takes a vacation at his friend's villa and reunites with Gwen, he realizes something's changed: she's pregnant. Much to the relief of head-over-heels Alex, it turns out she's a surrogate for a patient who can't have children. Gwen's so focused on helping others, she seems entirely uninterested in money, love or sex. So how is Alex supposed to get closer to her?



Half-A-Million-Dollar Bride NEW Comic

PublisherRenta Comics

"I bought you for thousand dollars." Akane was abandoned by her mother as a little girl and treated as a nuisance by the family members that were forced to raise her. She's always held firm to the belief that one day she'll find happiness, but is shocked to learn the man she thought was her destiny is already married! Accused of having an affair, she's being forced to provide compensation. Just then, a man in a suit suddenly appears and claims to be her husband!?

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