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Binx0r Rating
I'm always disappointed when these stories lean so heavily on rape as 'romance'... The art is good and the characters are interesting but I'm sick of this genre masking sexual assault as something appealing. A physical reaction is just that and does NOT equal consent.
Lin010203 Rating
I was apprehensive, but the arts great, and the polt is Intresting! Plus, it's steamy with enough story! It's great! More chapters please!! Definitely try it out! I'm liking it so far!
AinoKusabi Rating
At first, thanks to the title, I was apprehensive. But once I got into the story, it turned out to be pretty good. And the last chapter made me laugh--great art, quirky but cool characters, and a decent plot. It would be nice to read a second volume, a continuation of their lives, perhaps five or tens years later.
fionav3 Rating
I really liked this. The end did feel a small bit rushed, but despite a few scenes in the manga, it was actually very sweet and fluffy. Love the art (I am very fussy about style of drawing in manga). Very enjoyable story.
funbrillo Rating
I really liked this one. It had a good story to go with the romance and sexiness. I have re-read this one a few times. An enjoyable read.
BringMeTheSmut Rating
This is one of my favorites. I love the whole trope of a really hot guy “forcing” another to have mind blowing orgasms. This is just a fantasy and the reader that gave this 1 star should lighten up. The story was fascinating and it ended super sweet. I bought all volumes.
lpett13 Rating
I am a sucker for yakuza/innocent guy pairings. These two are incredibly sweet together. The plot is interesting and the characters likable. A perfect little series!
Cyfi Rating
nothing too original, but this was a fun, sexy & funny read! highly recommended
Mnky3 Rating
Mmm. Goood cute boys protecting boys.
winterchyme Rating
A really cute and sweet story with a hilarious ending. I wish there were more chapters or that there was a second series
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