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Mrsmangame123 Rating
What a strange story. I liked it and here is why:1. The characters are so flawed and that makes the story interesting2. Kanade is seriously flawed, in love with his father for crying out loud!3. The portrayal of celebrity is so thought provoking; they're beautiful, talented, rich, but underneath it all so desperate to be loved. And the way they show their love is what makes it weird. Because they don't really know or understand such things as boundaries, ethics is almost nonexistent in celebrity world. In a way I thought why put love in a box? But then I definitely thought, yeah, some boundaries are good, like not sleeping with your dad. So good on Kaname for putting the kabosh on that situation.4. Delusional characters are abundant, the stalker, Kanade, his mother, and even Yumma. All at varying levels though. Theyre simple and subtle, and makes me want to take a step back.Overall, it was a good story and makes me immensely happy to be an outsider looking in.
easterlily16 Rating
Emi-sensei's artstyle is super good. The plot itself is interesting even though some part, especially regarding the characters' personality, seemed flawed and confusing. Like, why would the bad mom suddenly turned into a nice woman, etc. However, the building relationship between the two main characters is touching and The whole flow of the story does not seem awkward. The smut scene is there, and is an important part of the story, but the author did a great job at not forcefully putting a sex scene everywhere.
UltraViolet Rating
This manga and everyone in it is so screwed up.
animepie Rating
This is such a fascinating read. Really messed up. Really confusing. People putting up so many fronts. So many mixed up mish-mashed feelings that are on such taboo levels. I mean, wtf Kanade?! But everything just feels so genuine. You can really feel how sad and broken the main characters are. And strangely affectionate. The talk radio moment they had was really nice. You can honestly hear their hearts crying. I love the art style and each chapter made me want to read the continuation straight through.
Rosebud25 Rating
While there could have been more it had it's cute moments
Daekin Rating
I loved this series. This is not like any other step-sibling manga I've read before. The characters actually seem less fantastical and have more believability than usual, and the story is great, too! I wish there was more!
fionav3 Rating
This was a terrible, ridiculous manga! All the small details driving the plot? Not one of them made a lick of sense! I still don't understand what the whole deal was with Hibiki deciding to have them all live together at the end out of the blue, or why the dad and Yuuma had to be transferred (I mean seriously, because the stalker worked for the company? WTF does that have to do with their jobs?). And while there are plenty of yaoi out there that don't bother with plot in order to focus on smut, this manga didn't even have that. The few sex scenes it did have were tepid at best. Absolutely ludicrous manga, unenjoyable manga. Do not bother with it. Frankly, I'm shocked it has the rating it does.
theakaneko Rating
Hahaha this series is full of shenanigans... what a crazy wild ride. Very much enjoyed
StreetUrchin Rating
It was alright, I didn't really enjoy it all that much.
WickedWahine808 Rating
This is the cutest dysfunctional family ever. I love how the storyline builds and really touches the human quality of family. The art is wonderful and I wish there was an extra side story of the arrival of baby Miwa. I'm sure it would be the cutest little bundle of joy having two hot brothers, two doting mothers and an overprotective loving father. Just the best story!
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