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Gilrael Rating
Both stories in the manga are really cute and the art is gorgeous. The only thing that bothered me was that in the second story Tsukimura doesn't stop when Hibiya tells him to. At least he apologises, though, which is saying a lot when it comes to BL manga, and which is why I'd still give this manga 5 stars.
kcfantastic Rating
The art is beautiful. The story is cute. The sex scenes are very steamy. And it's less cliche than the synopsis may lead you to believe. This is definitely worth your tickets! I hope we get more from the author soon.
MintTea Rating
Abusive relationships and red flags ahoy. The stories are just okay and centers on the main character's present and past. Neither semes are particularly likeable. It has good art and great sex scenes so at least this manga has that going for it.
funbrillo Rating
This has two really cute stories. Fluffy and no real drama. The main story - the uke is promiscuous in the beginning (prior to meeting seme) for a decent reason once it is revealed. I rented this but am going to go back and purchase it to read again.
SarcasticIrony Rating
Great art!! Super cute stories! This was totally worth it!
fionav3 Rating
I liked the first story and the art for both stories was really nice. But the second story's characters were flat, and I wasn't invested in them at all. First couple was much more interesting.
biggestrebel Rating
I like the first story a lot!!! The art is really good and I enjoyed the development in the first story. I love those characters a lot!The second story was.....ok? Not my fave but not the worst, altho I hate how much the seme pressured the uke throughout the story. Never my fave thing to see ugh *rolls eyes* the cat was cute tho I loved that humor aspect!
malcosky Rating
This is such a nice story. The second story was the best~!
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