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lavendersoap Rating
A pure-minded delinquent encounters a female otaku by accident. Due to a few coincidences, they meet regularly at school and fall in love. I've read the first two chapters, and there aren't any steamy scenes yet - just accidental stuff. The artwork is good and the couple is cute. Both chapters end on cliff-hangers, so be aware that if you rent one, you'll probably want to rent the next one. A rival makes an entrance in the second chapter so we'll see how that progresses the story in the future.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Definitely silly and OTT, but it's really cute. Love that even when two boys are fighting over her all she can think about is how that seems like something she read about in one of her beloved BL's. I love when the H is portrayed as being a bit tough or rough around the edges, but it's really just to cover how sweet and innocent he truly is. Love that he is constantly getting bloody noses because of the racy things that keep happening between him and the h. Pretty cute, keep the chapters coming please.
Virgo24 Rating
Love the story. I cant wait to read more. This is not really an xxx kind of story as of yet anyway. More of a love story, but super cute.
Aili Rating
A cute and funny story. I really like they way the characters are drawn. Nothing explicit as of chapter 4, but it's a fun read. Bunch of silly shenanigans.
VictoriaTaylor13 Rating
So far I'm really enjoying this manga. I think the heroine is adorable. The story is cute. The artwork is fantastic. I look forward to more chapters.
esp13 Rating
Loving the 2 characters! Need more!
ninie1004 Rating
The story is enjoyable so far! The main characters are entertaining and funny. Love the pure innocent male lead and the BL lover female lead.
Guest Rating
So far I'm loving this story
monkeyy Rating
Super cute story! I love deliquent stories and the relationship dynamic is funny and cute although nothing really explicit
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