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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh my!!! A h**ker with a heart of gold!!! Love it!!! He's so pure hearted and his favorite manga is a girls title! He's too cute!!! Don't let the cover fool you, the art is amazing and the story is very funny so far. Maybe his crush isn't so one-sided after all? What a tease of an ending!! But I'll be back for sure!!!
Blluevaz Rating
I don't want to use the word perfect but it was perfect. It had everything I was looking for. It had the right amount of tension between the characters and a decent twist. The mains worked well together, and the supporting cast were helpful without being cliche. It was a great read, worth buying or renting for sure!
Rosasusannah Rating
This is a gem for sure! I know it already. The characters are both too cute with great chemistry and the story so far has been hilarious. Love it!
legallybling Rating
I bought this because I'm a fan of Natsushita Fuyu sensei's art. It's SOOO BEAUTIFUL! But the story didn't disappoint, it's really funny and I'm really looking forward to the development!!
Jedirenagade Rating
Love this!!! Funny and cute!!! The MC is adorable! I can't wait to see how the story unfolds!!
Ren4Liz28 Rating
So glad there is more to come!! I was unsure about the plot for this, but it is cute. A must read for sure! Now, when does the next volume come out??!!
N33k5 Rating
Not often does a series make me laugh out loud but this one did right along with nearly making me cry. It is wonderful and absolutely worth a read.
angelfeathers Rating
I'm really quite partial to stories about characters in this line of work since it's so tough, but even considering that bias I do think this was a good one. The twist halfway through I kind of anticipated, but I also didn't know it'd be exactly that, and thought they'd go a diff route. The characters are very sweet and I adore an earnest, honest, I-want-to-do-my-best kind of love. The energy from the friend amd guardian characters is sweet. The art itself is pretty nice and consistent too.
zedmen Rating
Great art from this mangaka as always! The characters' romance progression was well paced, but you still get a lot of steamy scenes given the line of work :)Also, what can I say, I love tops with black slicked-back hair
Brielle Rating
Wow, I bought the first chapter to test it out but honestly it's worth the read. What a lovely short story and adorable characters. the art is also totally worth it! A lot of very gorgeous panels and positions
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