User Reviews For: Getting to Know the Neighbor -A Sadist and a Devilish Boy's Double Training-


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Tenko Rating
I'm really impressed by this one. It's intense, thrilling, and downright hot. There's also a mystery horror aspect to it as well, which I really enjoy. It makes me want to keep reading just to know what happens next!
Risuna Rating
At first, I wasn't sure what to make of this cause I really super hated Soma but was really super attracted to the other guy who's name is never mentioned & ultimately he's what made me continue reading the series. The way the artist utilities background effects really sent chills down my spine & kept me at the edge of my seat the entire way through until the very end where I flipped the table cause that ending is freaking perfect. (Disclaimer: No tables were harmed in the making of review.)
nacin Rating
Wawww this story is is so good~If you like something dark twisted and sexy this author is the one for you~
sinensis Rating
I thought the story and MC was complete garbage. Typical fragile Mary-Sue female who is a doubt-filled doormat with zero self-respect who only exists to create conflict for two guys to fight over as if there were no other intelligent and beautiful women with their shit together left in the world. Characters are completely self absorbed and unrelatable. Sigh...I had to stop reading after a few chapters because it was rage-inducing.
DarthKristinous Rating
This story is amazing. It's dark and twisted. A real psychological thriller but with super hot scenes. The author does a great job having the M.C. seem stuck with a choice between dark and light. And the dark side is sexy as hell even though it's dangerous!
PassionDevourer Rating
The concept is interesting, but the first chapter is difficult to get into. It seemed to start with a flashforward before immediately switching to a scene that didn't set up the story very well. It felt more like opening the door and interrupting something than a beginning, which made adjusting to the story a bit difficult. From there, the remainder of the chapter felt rather rushed. I think the first several pages would have been better served to assist the exposition and smooth out the story a bit better.
esp13 Rating
This was strangely good! Other than the smut, it's a thriller/horror story!
Flyaway Rating
This story is the STORY!Wow! Amazing! I mean I love the devlish boy more, but I feel Soma's charcter is growing too! A very new theme and very unique, dark, and engaging!The art is so different, like level 100! Amazing job artist!I don't know what more to say. I am on chapter 5 and I enjoyed it so far! This will defeintly have a surprising end for sure!Although, there are many hot scenes, but I feel it's deeper than that!She is like a butterfly that is been entranced by the spider's web, but is the spider gonna kill her or is he gonna save her?
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