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This is so interesting. Art is really nice. The story flow is really good too. These characters are so developed that I'm hooked on finding out how their relationship will evolve. So far we're getting insight into the mc's dilemma of coming to terms with his new awakening. I like how Makato isn't as big of a pushover as I thought he'd be. This is very original and I like it!
I give the artist for the manga props, as well as the one who developed the story line (if it is a different person). It's a story that keeps you interested, wanting to know more, and also has a surprising twist. A good read!
Maybe some what of a Spoiler.... I read all that has come out thus far, and they been engaging, it leaves you wanting to know what going to happen next. I also love the art work. However, I do fear the story line is taking a turn in a Direction I don't care for personally. I do not enjoy psycho stalker type story lines which I fear is what this is turning into. I know I would like a heads up when a story line is about stalkers or forced sex when possible so I can avoid them. So take my review based on that, cause like I said otherwise it is engaging with good art, which is why I gave it 5 stars. I am invested into this so I hope it turns back around. Will edit or add a New review if it dose.
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