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sdab Rating
As far as ABO, this was kind of average. I've read worse and I've read better. There wasn't really enough plot going on for me. I feel like the mangaka maybe had an idea for the plot, but it doesn't feel fully developed. I think with one more chapter, the plot could have been a bit more solid. And for those thinking that they don't mind PWP, there isn't really enough smut for it to fall under that category.
sereneione Rating
There are two stories within this title, each unrelated to the other. However, even within each story it felt rather disjointed, like there are pages missing. Other than that, the stories are very fast-paced, so if you're looking for a quick-read with no brains required and has both fluff and smut, then this is it.
MyGeneric Rating
Loved it. Gives me the mpreg I desire + it's a quick smut story. Worth the purchase for that but don't expect much story plot!!
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
really meh, plot and characterizations super rushed and shallow and boring, and very light on smut for most of it. There were a couple of cute and funny moments, though.
shinayu Rating
I fell for the art and thought the artist is very promising with their other work hence I bought it. I must say when the last 2 chapters weren't related to the main title I was disappointed. I wish the whole book was about the same couple. I felt like the timing when they are intimate was a bit weird. Also when the seme bit the uke...that was hmm...quite public! I think if it wasn't the art I think I wouldn't have bought it. I'd say the pace is quite good though. At least things weren't dragging on and on.
Mmmm... it's a good read. First story, alpha and omega are close friends turned lovers. We get more POV from omega than alpha but author makes up for it. Takeshi's considerate towards Yoshihisa and values him. I liked that issues were introduced and solved quickly-- but that also means scenes were edited out. Bummer. Second story didn't impress me much. All characters were sweet candies for the eyes.
secretobsession Rating
Love the story concept but both stories felt rushed. There are definitely parts in both stories that could have been fleshed out a little more and better at that. I feel when this happens it's editors cutting stories to make them easier and quicker reads. Which is a disservice to the mangaka but also the reader as well.
LMonster2 Rating
This was an amazing Alpha/Omega story. It was sweet, sexy, and hones to the characters feelings. They are a couple I want to continue seeing and reading about. It was fun!
Anonymous Rating
Suuuuuuperr cuuuute!I hope to see his pregnancy journey ??
Rori Rating
It was cute and hot with a little feelings mixed in. I enjoyed this manga both the main story and the second one.
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