User Reviews For: Bitten Till I Melt [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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sdab Rating
As far as ABO, this was kind of average. I've read worse and I've read better. There wasn't really enough plot going on for me. I feel like the mangaka maybe had an idea for the plot, but it doesn't feel fully developed. I think with one more chapter, the plot could have been a bit more solid. And for those thinking that they don't mind PWP, there isn't really enough smut for it to fall under that category.
sereneione Rating
There are two stories within this title, each unrelated to the other. However, even within each story it felt rather disjointed, like there are pages missing. Other than that, the stories are very fast-paced, so if you're looking for a quick-read with no brains required and has both fluff and smut, then this is it.
Mmmm... it's a good read. First story, alpha and omega are close friends turned lovers. We get more POV from omega than alpha but author makes up for it. Takeshi's considerate towards Yoshihisa and values him. I liked that issues were introduced and solved quickly-- but that also means scenes were edited out. Bummer. Second story didn't impress me much. All characters were sweet candies for the eyes.
MyGeneric Rating
Loved it. Gives me the mpreg I desire + it's a quick smut story. Worth the purchase for that but don't expect much story plot!!
Thumbcat Rating
Jumpy, cliche, kinda boring - there are much better ABO stories out there. The art is nice, though.
duoduo Rating
Super sweet! A lovely warm hearted story overall and I also really loved the extra story that came with it- super happy I stumbled upon this!
WickedWahine808 Rating
Super cute Omegaverse story. Love the main story and the secondary non-omegaverse story is just as cute and charming. This is a must read!
idgal Rating
Simple and cute, the omegaverse story had interesting story but was too rushed and I felt it was missing a chapter but I did like the characters.
legallybling Rating
THIS IS SO CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! It's not the typical alpha and omega pairing story. The romance is very slow and steady but also very SWEET! Love love love this <333
funbrillo Rating
I think this was super cute. Both stories were cute and sexy.
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