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Scorpio730 Rating
This looks very promising, fun plot & hot scenes. The only down side are those damned light sabers <grrrr>
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ohhhh I love the art. The pacing is a little disjointed. We see that Shiro and Tsubaki are already in the sort of relationship they're in. But I wanna know since when? And who's Akira? Is this a love triangle? Tsubaki is definitely dense, poor Shiro. So I need answers!!!
animepie Rating
Honestly it's hot and I like how the main pair cares so much about each other. Plot and story flow is a bit messy but otherwise enjoyable so far.
tep1one Rating
It was hot. Great first chapter. can't wait for next one
beelsamaaa Rating
esto es increíble! beel-chan xD
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