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Scorpio730 Rating
This looks very promising, fun plot & hot scenes. The only down side are those damned light sabers <grrrr>
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ohhhh I love the art. The pacing is a little disjointed. We see that Shiro and Tsubaki are already in the sort of relationship they're in. But I wanna know since when? And who's Akira? Is this a love triangle? Tsubaki is definitely dense, poor Shiro. So I need answers!!!
Broesa Rating
I'm starting at chapter 6, and I will say this is absolutely worth the money so far! I like the characters and the smut is not bad! I look forward to the next chapter hopefully soon.
Lopeza2 Rating
Its really good. I like the characters and the back story. I cant wait for the rest.
ktenos99 Rating
To be honest it's alright. I really like the art and the characters themselves, but the plot is a bit lackluster and it's mostly just to set up more sex scenes. The depth of the fluff is a bit low here, but if smut's what you want then this is the one for you.
Love801 Rating
I'm still getting used to this website but I love and really want to read a lot of what's here. Feels nice being able to pay for what I read.
fir3h34rt Rating
The premise is kinda interesting, enough to bring you in but is very confusing at first. I didn't even know this was a yokai/human manga until halfway through the chapter. The art is a bit off putting and looks strange in a few aspects but I can put that aside. I'll probably keep reading just to get a bit more background on the characters involved.
Pollens Rating
It's got a lot of potential, interested in where it's gonna go from here.Cp has good dynamic so far.
Jessjayne Rating
Love this cant wait to see what happens next
animepie Rating
Honestly it's hot and I like how the main pair cares so much about each other. Plot and story flow is a bit messy but otherwise enjoyable so far.
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