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Scorpio730 Rating
This looks very promising, fun plot & hot scenes. The only down side are those damned light sabers <grrrr>
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ohhhh I love the art. The pacing is a little disjointed. We see that Shiro and Tsubaki are already in the sort of relationship they're in. But I wanna know since when? And who's Akira? Is this a love triangle? Tsubaki is definitely dense, poor Shiro. So I need answers!!!
Spiceylynne Rating
I really enjoyed this story, I just wish there was another chapter so it's not a cliffhanger! It's a little frustrating to not know how it will end...
Mnky3 Rating
It's been months since I bought this on renta. I am dying for chapter 7 please this manga is so good I keep rereading it.
Lopeza2 Rating
Its really good. I like the characters and the back story. I cant wait for the rest.
ChattyK2125 Rating
I don't know why but I love stories about Incubus or Succubus. In this case, so many people seemed to be against Shiro and Tsubaki's relationship. Except for the vampires who really stuck with them both. I didn't quite understand the Demon who was supposed to be raising Tsubaki but was performing sexual acts on him. I didn't understand if it was because he loved Tsubaki 's Mom or what. I adore their relationship-Shiro and Tsubaki. Because it started so innocently when they were young but they fell so quickly. I wish there was an epilogue. Years later after they have had a few demon babies. Incubus. Maybe in an extra. I loved this manga so much. Sure it was extremely erotic but there was a base storyline that was easy to follow. Highly recommend this manga!10/10++
Torihakarau Rating
Love this story! It's spicy, cute, and has some action in it! Please note there is some partial non con in this. Main couple is consesual tho! Very relevied to see the final chapter come out after so long! It has a bit of a diffrent feel from previous chapters, but wraps the story up nicely. Would like to know more about the demon doctor.
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely love this story and I pray more comes out very soon as I have been waiting for a long time
Kittenclaws22 Rating
Loved it ?. The art was amazing ???
Strudel22 Rating
I love this particular series, can't wait for the next one!!!
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