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Nyanko Rating
I'm somewhere between 2 and 3 stars on this one. The storyline had promise, but it just ripped through at top speed and it was just hard to really care about anything. There are a few steamy scenes between the "siblings" but they were more action oriented, and without context the whole idea of taboo relationship seemed more like an inconvenience than something naughty. The characters weren't fleshed out much, and I found them somewhat unlikeable. Really, the only thing that had any feel of taboo and/or heat was the threesome though I did find that mighty steamy. The art is quite nice overall, though it was disconcerting at times. In some panels, faces and body proportions looked childlike, which I found disturbing. Summary: If you dig threesomes, you might start at the last chapter and assess whether you want to read the rest. Otherwise, meh.
peichi Rating
Just get the 3rd chapter if you want the 3p, it's the only chapter with it. It's a good 3p scene too, worth it for that alone if that is your thing and honestly you will probably enjoy it more without the first two chapters.
Naner Rating
The art style is inconsistent and often looks like Loli or shots because of the head style. There's hardly a plot and the smut is sparce and poorly done.
artemis Rating
I'm giving this manga 2 stars because of the quality of the drawings. The love scenes are very hot, but the three main characters are just aweful! That makes the story feel really nasty. I would recommend it only if you don't care at all about the plot and just want to look at some hot stuff.
nacin Rating
AHHH IT'S FROM MY FAVOURITE AUTHOR.!love it~~Like usual, the art is so sexy.It's only chap 1 right now so i can't comment about the story line. But its great so far.!Finally there's 3some from this author!!!!Ahhhh!!!!
HorseObsessed Rating
?I'm not sure what to say about this one. I have to agree with the reviewers who gave this 1, 2 stars. The art is sloppy, the story is weak. The art on the cover & the synopsis is what drew me to this story, the 3rd chapter is the best one of the story, which isn't saying much. I did like the 3 way, but the third chapter doesn't make up for the other two. This is pretty bad.?
Sighz Rating
So good! Enjoyable smut with a small smidge of kink. Characters were decent. Plot like is in the synopsis, so don't expect anything deeper. Art is really well done. This will likely be one I reread multiple times in the future.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Yii! I love this manga
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