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reyji Rating
This manga is a FANTASTIC hurt/comfort story, and the relationship is so lovely and sweet. I really enjoyed the approach the author took with Kippei's character, and the way he grows throughout the volume into a better person. Sosuke was also such a lovely character, and I enjoyed seeing him open up and fall for Kippei despite their misunderstandings. The little plot and character details the author wrote in really made this story great for me, and despite it only being one volume, I still became attached to the characters quite a bit. The art style is also appealing and consistent (no yaoi hands here lol), the smut scenes are Good Content, and the writing hit me write in the feels (in a good way). My only complaint is that I wish it was longer, so I could read even more about Kippei and Sosuke!
lovesfiction97 Rating
It was good but the misunderstanding in the last volume pissed me off. Kippei's insecurity was pretty dang justifiable imo. That's where Sosuke was supposed to reassure him of his love, not kick him out tf? They met because of Sosuke's unrequited love, why in the world would Kippei immediately believe he loves him? Especially when you still hang out with said unrequited love? What reason have you given him to be confident?Not to say it wasn't still a pretty good manga, but that bit just really irritated me.
Mamomo Rating
It's very good art work and good story. I love that character has face expression that i can feel it. Can't wait to read next book.
Funkypickle Rating
So many good sexy scenes, yet amazing characters you just want to be happy too! ? Quality worth the price!!
EmTheHooligan Rating
It was better than I expected and sweeter than I knew I wanted from it. Worth reading
GrimLuciel Rating
UH WOW I ACTUALLY GOT CHOKED UP BY THE END. This was a really thoughtful and well written story that touched on topics I rarely see healthily dealt with. Unfortunately there is one short noncom scene. But really, this story is so good I overlooked it. It just wasn't what I thought it was going to be and the art is also goooorgeous
acedevorak Rating
So touching!! I love the layers of emotions that each of them go through and the back and fourth doesn't seem too repetitive or forced where I would get frustrated. I love the art!! Love that they both taught each other a lesson in life and how to be at peace with yourself to find love in the end.
vanlee84 Rating
I came to read after watching Jellies world video. Love the art and the story. Thank you so much.
inanaderworld Rating
I love that Kippei didn't prolong the problem and how Sosuke is trying his best to change. Such a great read!!!
GregorIAN Rating
Hot and sweet and perfect! I definitely recommend this story! It takes a bit, but the two main characters work out their issues, and in some ways, it's a lot more realistic than half the stuff we see in this genre.
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