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animepie Rating
A nice boy who can't be honest and a very straightforward, blunt boy; they are both so cute. I'm really looking forward to this one and how their relationship will develop. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Why have I been avoiding this manga for so long?! It's CUTE!!! Nana is adorable. His player image is just a ruse. He's really a hopeless romantic and still carrying his vCard. Also really bad at being honest with others and mostly himself. But he's found he's really comfortable being honest with antisocial classmate Akira. And in a desperate and sudden move asks Akira to help him lose his long suffering burden LOL!!! This is funny and sweet and I'm hoping Akira doesn't break sweet Nana's heart
LMonster2 Rating
This was amazing! How can you not like it when there is a popular virgin that seeks guidance from the experienced outcast. The love spiral begins.
Logsnake Rating
This story was absolutely adorable. I loved the slow burn pace rather than so many M/M stories where the main couple just gets right into it after 20 pages. Their relationship progressed well and was healthy and pure. I would definitely recommend this for people who enjoy lighter Yaoi or are new to the genre.
Godzilla8tokyo Rating
Nana was so freaking adorable. I just loved his character so much. It didn't feel rushed, everything progressed naturally. Such a cute couple. I wish it had been longer so I can read more of their cutenese.
Blluevaz Rating
Cute. Cute cute cute cute. Nana (mc) is just so sweet and I really like Akira's straightforward personality. Neither is overly mean or innocent, but they learn to be honest through being with each other and it's really a good story. Follows a typical approach plotwise but I would say the series is more character driven than anything. It's not overtly sexual and I really liked that there was something after the big confession to give a better idea of what happy ever after is gonna looks like here.
alienxxi Rating
Art and storyline = pure bliss! The story was so soft and heart thumping! It's cute and unhurried for a single volume which was great! I liked this so much!
ChattyK2125 Rating
Nana and Akira are absolutely the cutest couple. And Nana is so incredibly adorable when he asks Akira for help with losing his virginity (which the entire school thinks he already lost!)I loved it when Akira kissed him and then realized that was Nana's first kiss too and he had planted a doozy! But the best part was when Nana declares his love to Akira and takes care of Akira through fever than after one of their movie dates, they could not keep their hands off each other. Clothes went flying, etc on with the smut. ?. Highly recommended. Loved reading about these two alot!
ChewyLea Rating
I normally don't write reviews, but this story had me smiling so hard, I thought I should make a point to help others find it. The Arca Comics tag line “Love that makes your heart tremble” is 1000% true here. These 2 are so precious. Having read The Wolf in the Flower Shop also, I was expecting a similar sort of vibe, but this blew me away. The pacing is similar, not much action before the last chapter, but there is some and the kisses especially made me feel fluttery. Nana (the inexperienced) character has some really lovely character development. Still a cinnamon roll, but a more honest one lol. Akira's character development is a little lacking, but the moment where he “loses his cool” because of Nana is wonderful. This story makes me so happy. I've already reread it 4 times, since I got it a couple days ago. If you want something primarily fluffy, with sexy times that feel very naturally the storytelling, this is the comic for you.
RikasGrayWolf Rating
This was sweet and ever so adorable. I love the steady pacing and that the M.C doesn't have sex until he's actually /ready/, but it doesnt feel like it drags on til it happens. It all feels hella natural (despite the circumstances XD ) I seriously loved this series. Money well spent, yo. ~.^
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